Vintage Crochet Purse Patterns

Vintage crochet purses are highly sought-after collectibles. Some of the most popular crochet bags and purses are 1920s era flapper beaded bags. It’s tough to find them in pristine condition; if you do find one in new condition, it’s likely to cost you a fortune. If you want top-quality flapper-style beaded bags, and you’re handy with a crochet hook, one of the best solutions to these problems is to crochet your own authentic bag designs using vintage crochet purse patterns.

It would be our pleasure to point you in the direction of where to find a variety of appropriate bag and purse patterns. Our collection of vintage crochet patterns includes bunches of amazing purse patterns and beaded bag patterns. We’ve been collecting vintage crochet patterns since 1998. Usually, when we buy old pattern books or women’s magazines online, we have no idea what’s in them; online booksellers and auctions sellers usually don’t list a pattern book’s contents when they place a publication up for sale. So we’ve hunted through our extensive pattern collection to compile this list of which pattern books and vintage women’s magazines contain vintage purse patterns. We hope you’ll find our efforts helpful.

6 Vintage Publications Featuring Crochet Purse Patterns:

1. Emma Post Barbour’s New Bead Book

Original Year of Publication: 1924
Beaded Vintage Crochet and Knit Purse Patterns by Emma Post Barbour

If you’d be interested in owning a colorful pattern book featuring art deco and flapper style beaded bags from the 1920s, this book is your best bet. The book includes a lovely mix of crocheted and knitted bag patterns plus some interesting beaded necklaces, jewelry, a belt and other items as well.

Free downloads of all these patterns are available on the Internet.

Click Here to Download a Free Copy of Emma Post Barbour’s New Bead Book

Originals of the book aren’t all that hard to find (I’ve owned about half a dozen of them since I started collecting vintage crochet pattern books; the usual selling price was more than $100 for originals, with a couple in bad condition selling for as low as $50.). This book has also been reproduced by bunches of different sellers, so if you’re just looking for cheap crochet purse patterns, you can grab a reproduction for much less.

2. Virginia Snow’s Authority on Bead Bags

Vintage Bead Crochet Bag Patterns and 1920s Flapper Jewelry Patterns

This is a spectacular black and white pattern book featuring authentic patterns for flapper style beaded bags and jewelry.

3. July 1901 Home Needlework Magazine

Vintage Crochet Patterns for Chatelaine Bags and Purses

You Could Crochet a Purse Like This Vintage Beaded Bag Using the Patterns in This Issue of the Home Needlework Magazine.
You Could Crochet a Purse Like This Vintage Beaded Bag Using the Patterns in This Issue of the Home Needlework Magazine.

In this vintage issue of the Home Needlework magazine, the editors devoted a whopping 7 1/2 pages (including frontispiece) to chatelaine bags and purses. These are crochet patterns for beaded bags. There is a Small beaded silk chatelaine bag; a small Tam O’ Shanter style Coin Purse; a Crocheted Silk Violet Purse Design; a Steel Bead Crochted Silk Chatelaine Bag; and a Crocheted Beaded Silk Chatelaine Bag.

4. The January 1903 Issue of Home Needlework Magazine

3 Vintage Beaded Bag Patterns That Were Antiques as of the Year 1903: Floral Bag, Opera Bag and Reticule Bag

If you can locate a copy of this old magazine, it offers you the opportunity to pick up 3 different vintage purse patterns in one spot. Charts and written text patterns are included for making these beaded bags. The bags are beautiful, but I found these particular patterns exceptionally hard to decipher.

5. Beaded Bags in Crochet and Knitting Book No 13 by Anna Valeire

6. May 1915 Issue of Home Needlework Magazine

Filet Crochet Tea Rose Bag Pattern

Vintage Filet Crochet Purse Pattern With Rose Design
Vintage Filet Crochet Purse Pattern With Rose Design

So there you have it: That’s our roundup of vintage crochet purse patterns. Hopefully this list has given you a starting point for interesting bag and purse designs you’d like to crochet. Happy pattern hunting, and happy crocheting!

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