Crochet Patterns From the 1930’s

In the 1930s, crocheting for the home was a popular pastime. Crochet was one of many different popular techniques; other needlework such as embroidery was also timely.

When looking back at the linens created during this era, I often see white linens adorned with colorful embroidery, and finished off with elaborate crocheted edgings and / or insertions. These items have been in favor with collectors for as long as I’ve been active on the Internet. I’ve noticed attractive embroidered pillowcases with gorgeous edgings; in some cases, the designs are kitchy and cute — such as fun animal designs, like kittens and puppies. I also have seen many florals, and scenes depicting people (including southern belles and “Sunbonnet Sue.”)

There are also plenty of examples of pieces that were entirely crocheted.

Many crocheters spent considerable time to create fancy thread crochet bedspreads during the 1930s. There were bunches of 1930s-era pattern books devoted to this topic alone.

Filet crochet had been popular in years prior, and remained popular in the 1930s as well.

Below, I’ve featured a few pictures of some of my favorite examples of crochet from the 1930s.


Holly and Bird Filet Crochet Chair Set by Mary Card

Chair Sets, also known as “antimacassars”, were oh-so-trendy in the 1930’s. They’d been popular for many years prior, due at least in part to the popularity of oiled hairstyles, but they were quite fashionable during the 30’s. I’ve seen numerous antimacassar crochet patterns from this time period.

Shown here is a filet crochet chair set with holly and bird motifs designed by Mary Card. The pattern for this chair set was originally published in the December 1931 Issue of Needlecraft Magazine.

A Vintage Vandyke Edging; the Crochet Pattern For This Border Was Included in the September 1931 Issue of Needlecraft Magazine.

Here’s a photo of an “Unusually Attractive Vandyke Border”; this exquisite edging was featured in the September 1931 issue of Needlecraft Magazine. The pattern given is for creating the edging in either giant filet or gros filet crochet. Click Here To See More Information About the September 1931 Issue of Needlecraft Magazine.


Vintage 1930's Filet Crochet Table Linen With Sunflower Motif

The focal point of this exquisite vintage table linen is the dramatic filet crocheted floral sunflower edging; isn’t this just drop dead gorgeous? The filet crochet pattern for this was published in the 1933 issue of Needlecraft Magazine. Click here to see more information about the September 1933 issue of Needlecraft Magazine.

There are, of course, many more fine examples of crochet from this era, if you know where to look. For starters, I suggest browsing through my archives of vintage Needlecraft magazines. I think these are a great starting point for your search because they always feature at least some crochet, plus the covers are so beautiful and interesting. The ads tend to be fascinating too, as are the other contents of the magazine.

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