site updates

I just wanted to give everyone a bit of advance warning that I’m going to be doing some site upgrading within the next few days. I’m hoping that the site will stay live during the upgrades, but there is a possibility that there might be some down time.

Also I’ve done a lot of new web site pages over the last few days, but I haven’t kept up with posting all the updates in the blog. Some of the new pages are still under construction. I apologize to you if you’ve landed on an unfinished page; I know how frustrating that can be. I am finishing things up as fast as I can! Building all these pages just takes so much time. This site is still pretty new (I started it on Christmas Day, 2007) and it is slowly but surely getting finished. I hope it will be finished soon. Well, truth be told, this web site will never be totally finished because there is always another antique crochet pattern book to discover, or another pretty antique crocheted bedspread, or another lovely yoke or beaded bag. Some days I discover so many lovely old crochet and needlework related antiques that I am beside myself trying to decide which ones to post about here. So when I say “finished” I guess I mean that at least hopefully there won’t be any pages that are still under construction. I guess blogs in general are designed to never be “finished”; they are more like a conversation. Speaking of conversation, please feel free to comment on any blog post or page on the site. Your thoughts and suggestions are most welcome, unless of course you’re trying to solicit viagra sales or something. (If that’s the case, trust me, none of the ladies who read this site are going to buy viagra from you. Haha!)

Thanks for visiting! Hope you’re having a great week. ‘Til next time!