Learn How to Crochet

If you want to learn how to crochet, vintage crochet pattern books aren’t typically the most helpful resource. The instructions are not always clear, and the books tend to feature complicated patterns that could easily confuse a novice.

Luckily, there are many free resources on the Internet for learning how to crochet.

Free Crochet Instructions

The slip knot and the chain stitch are the first things a beginning crocheter needs to learn.

After that, the single crochet stitch, half double crochet stitch, double crochet stitch and treble crochet stitch are also essential basics that you’ll need to know how to do.

My advice: don’t even think about attempting to work any vintage crochet patterns until you have at least mastered these few basic stitches. You’ll be even better off if you also learn the double treble crochet and triple treble crochet stitches too. Once you get that far, there will be quite a few vintage patterns you could crochet.

A “Granny square” is the ideal beginner’s crochet pattern. It’s easy and versatile. There are zillions of different possible variations, but this granny square tutorial will teach you how to make a basic, no-frills granny square.

You’ll also want to check out these crochet instructions.

Learning From Crochet Books

Many people learn to crochet from books. If you’re a person who enjoys book learning, I highly recommend this list of best crochet books for beginners. The list includes references for learning how to crochet and also for finding easy, beginner-friendly crochet patterns that won’t leave you frustrated with their complexity.

More Crochet Resources for Total Beginners

Want to learn how to crochet more stitches and find easy crochet patterns for beginners? If so, check out crochet for beginners at knittingandcrochet.net.

Best wishes, and happy crocheting!

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