Antique Crocheted Nightgown Yokes & Corset Covers

Antique Irish Crochet Yoke

This photo shows a lovely Irish crochet yoke. After the crochet work was completed, yokes like these would typically have been made into nightgowns.

Many crochet and needlework pattern books of the 1900’s- 1920’s featured patterns for nightgown yokes similar to the one shown in this photo. The pattern books typically did not explain how to complete the garment; I suppose that most women at the time had a working knowledge of sewing techniques, and would have known what to do to make it into a completed nightgown.

It is common to find yokes that have been lovingly crocheted, yet never finished into completed garments. These are usually in fantastic condition because they have never been worn.

If you are handy with thread and needle, you could find a treasure of a crocheted yoke and finish it for yourself to wear as either an intriguing vintage top, or a lovely antique nightgown. Imagine the possibilities! 🙂

Shown below are a few yokes that are currently available for sale on ebay. Perhaps they will spark your imagination!

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If there are any corset covers available at auction in the Edwardian era vintage clothing category, they will be listed below.

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