Featured Thread Crochet Seller: Demi & Julie’s Crochet Heaven

The photos above were taken by Demet of Demi & Julie’s Crochet Heaven. I first met Demet through ebay, and her work definitely caught my eye. Aren’t her thread crochet doilies & table centers lovely?If you ever have the pleasure of talking with Demet, be sure to ask her about her pattern collection! She owns a treasure trove of incredible crochet patterns, including many lovely antique and vintage patterns. Having said that, my favorite pieces of hers are not from any commercial pattern; I LOVE the pieces that she designed and created from start to finish. I really hope you will visit her ebay store and take a look at them. She brings an amazing level of artistry to this craft, and her design work is exquisite.

Please click here for more information about her thread crochet. OR, if you’d rather visit her ebay store, click here.

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