Thread Crochet by Demi & Julie’s Crochet Heaven

I first “met” Demet of Demi & Julie’s Crochet Heaven on ebay, and I am a huge fan of her work. She crochets using a variety of patterns- some antique, some vintage, and some contemporary. In fact, she buys interesting crochet patterns from all over the world. Sometimes she also comes up with her own crochet designs. I love all her work, but some of my favorites have been the ones she designed herself. Make sure to look for those when you visit her ebay store; they are outstanding! If you ask me, Demet has elevated crochet from craft to art form.

Below, you can see some of the offerings that are currently available for sale in her ebay store. Her listings usually include thread crochet doilies, towels, miniatures, beadwork, ornaments, decorations, and thread for crocheting. You can click to take a closer look at any of the items pictured.

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