Featured Crochet Sellers

I’ve been buying and selling crochet and needlework items online since 1999. It’s been a fantastic experience, and I’ve met some wonderful, talented, knowledgeable people who are passionate about crochet and needlework. On this page, I’ll be sharing some of the outstanding sellers I’m aware of. I’ve “met” many of these sellers through various online methods including emails, ebay groups, blogs, forums, or from selling to and/or buying from them. I hope you’ll enjoy browsing through their offerings, and perhaps even getting to know them a bit more too.

Featured Sellers of Finished Crochet Work:

Demi and Julie’s Crochet Heaven: Offering gorgeous handmade thread crochet doilies, miniatures, beadwork, towels, runners, and more. She also sells lovely crochet thread too, so if you crochet, please take a peek. Click Here to learn more!

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