Ebay Auction For Lot of 3 Home Needlework Magazines From 1899

Updated April 25 ’08: Sorry, the auction I posted about has ended. However, I now have a whole page dedicated to Home Needlework Magazine. Please click here check it out!

Take a look at this ebay auction! This lot of 3 Home Needlework magazines looks like a fantastic find. You can see from the seller’s photos that there are at least 2 color plates in these magazines, and they are gorgeous. I’ve owned the October 1899 issue of this magazine, and it is a beauty. I haven’t posted that one on the antique-crochet.com site yet, but I’ll try to make it a priority so that anyone interested can check it out. As far as I can remember, I haven’t owned either of the other books, so I can’t say for certain what the contents are, but I have never yet been disappointed when I’ve purchased this particular publication. They are all delightful.

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