Sophie La Croix

Sophie La Croix’s crochet pattern books are filled with dainty exquisite projects for things like yokes, corset covers, edgings, beaded bags and gifts. None of her books that I have owned have been dated, but I would guess that the majority of them date to sometime before 1920. I’ve actually crocheted some of her patterns and they are time consuming, but well worth it. In general, I wouldn’t recommend her patterns to a beginner.

  • Old & New Designs in Crochet Work Book No. 2
  • Old & New Designs in Crochet Corset Covers and Nightgown Yokes Book No. 9
  • Old & New Designs in Crochet Yokes & Collars: Book No. 14
  • Old & New Designs in Crochet: Seamless Yokes, Hats, Baby Yokes: Book No. 16
  • Old & New Designs in Crocheted Towels & Pillow Cases
  • Old & New Designs in Beadwork: Sautoir Chains, Beaded Necklaces, Bags, Purses, Slipper Buckles, Watch Fobs Etc. Book 20.

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