Mary Card’s Crochet Patterns

Dragonfly Crochet Centerpiece by Mary CardBritish Coat of Arms in Fancy Filet Crochet by Mary CardThis is a Photo of a Vintage Pictorial Filet Crochet Table Linen by Mary Card. It Is a Scene From A Formal Garden With Flowers and Peacocks.

Mary Card was a prolific designer of crochet patterns and pattern books. Her crochet pattern designs were often intricate and exquisitely detailed. Her work is a source of inspiration for crochet enthusiasts around the world.

She became a contributor to Needlecraft Magazine starting with the Feb. 1918 issue. Quoting from the Editor’s page of the February 1918 issue of Needlecraft Magazine,

“Needlecraft is proud of this new contributor, as Needlecraft’s million and more readers are sure to be so soon as they have learned to know and appreciate her work…Although a comparative stranger to crochet-workers in this country, Miss Card has long enjoyed a reputation as the most expert designer her native land- Australia- has ever known. More, her life, her plans, her methods are positively inspiring…Later, perhaps next month, we hope to tell you something of her interesting story, as brought out by an interviewer from an Australian publication; but the temptation to let her talk a little to you herself, exactly as she would do if she were face to face with her big audience, is too strong to be resisted”…

The rest of the article goes on to tell, in Mary Card’s own words, how she got started in her needlework design career. She overcame tremendous adversity in the process. Her story is inspiring, and even more so when you see her incredible crochet designs.

After that glorious introduction, her designs continued to appear in Needlecraft magazine into the 1930's. Following that, her career took her to England, where she designed for Weldon's.

Mary Card still has a considerable following. There is high demand among collectors for finished pieces that were made from her patterns, and also for the patterns themselves. Mary made a lasting contribution to the needle arts, and her designs continue to impress and inspire needlework enthusiasts to this day.

Mary Card's Crochet Patterns Can be Found in the Following Publications:

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