Antonie Ehrlich Crochet Book No. 2 Bedspreads

An Antique Pattern Book With Bedspreads Patterns To Knit & Crochet

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Cover of Antonie Ehrlich Crochet Book No. 2 Bedspreads
exquisite antique crocheted bedspread from Antonie Ehrlich's Crochet Book No. 2
Ornate Antique Crocheted Bedspread. This Crochet Pattern Can Be Found in Antonie Ehrlich's Crochet Book No. 2.

This is a scarce antiquarian pattern book featuring the most glorious crocheted and knitted bedspreads. The name of the book is The Antonie Ehrlich Crochet Book No. 2 Bedspreads, Original Patterns and Instructions For Crocheted and Knitted Bedspreads. These patterns were designed by Antonie Ehrlich and published by the Ehrlich publishing company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the year 1914. The photos you see here show the contents of the third edition of the book. (I have no idea whether the previous editions’ contents are the same.) The book is 32 pages long, not counting the covers.

Bedspread and Pillow Set: Patterns Combining Cross Stitch and Crochet:

I have owned quite a few antique pattern books over the years. While I am consistently awed by the quality and the workmanship of the pieces in each and every antique publication, I must say that some do stand out more than others. In my opinion this book is exceptional.The first bedspread in the book is one of my favorites. Not only is it lovely, but it is also an unusual find due to the fact that it incorporates cross stitch embroidery as well as crochet. The photos show both a finished bedspread and a finished pillow that you can make using these instructions. The crochet work is done in the form of filet crochet insertions and edgings, so it works up relatively quickly- and then you have the fun of cross stitching the lovely floral motif. This is an exquisite set! Next is an elaborate and very lacy, feminine crocheted spread made of floral motif blocks with lace. If you refer to your bedroom as “the boudoir”, this bedspread will fit right in- it would be great in any shabby cottage chic or romantic environment. You couldn’t ask for a prettier bedspread pattern!

Knitting Patterns For Bedspreads With Flowers, Counterpanes, and Lace

The knitted bedspreads in this book are truly special. The first knitted pattern is a traditional design made from counterpanes- it is a familiar and much-loved old favorite.

The second knitted bedspread in this book is exceptional and unusual. The knitting is done in rounds, and the motifs are 8-pointed stars or flowers- really beautiful. I have seen hundreds, maybe thousands, of bedspread patterns but I have never seen another quite like this one. The third knitted bedspread in this book is a variation on a familiar theme- it is knitted strips and lace that are sewn together to make the finished afghan. Has a beautiful, textural, striped effect. Great for traditional interior design environments.

This book has lots of filet crochet lace and insertion designs. If you enjoy filet crochet, this book has some lovely and interesting designs for you to try.

Overall, there’s a fantastic mix of bedspread patterns in this book. These are all heirloom quality designs. If you decide to make any of these projects, I think you’d be very pleased with them. Please take a good look at all the photos above, because they’ll give you an idea of the different stitches and techniques and patterns you’ll find covered in the book.

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