Anna Valeire’s Crochet Patterns

I haven’t been able to find any biographical information about Anna Valeire. I would surely love to know more about her life, and about what she was like.

I can only tell what I know about her after having studied her needlework designs. Surely, judging from her work, she was detail-oriented and had an eye for beautiful and exquisite things. She was skilled at designing for several needlework techniques, including crochet, tatting, and beadwork. Most of her pattern books that I have owned emphasized crochet, with quite a few tatting projects too. She was especially good at designing delicate, feminine crocheted and tatted lingerie and nightgown yokes. However, she designed a variety of different types of projects including crocheted edgings, fringes, medallions, flowers, and embellishments.

The Anna Valeire pattern books I’ve owned have all been undated, but I would guess that they are circa 1910’s-1920’s. Some of them may be earlier, I really could not say for sure. If anyone has further information, please comment! I’d really appreciate any additional information or insights you may have to offer.

Vintage and Antique Crochet Pattern Books by Anna Valeire:

Beaded Bags Circa 1924 to Crochet by Anna Valeire
My Trousseau, a Crochet Pattern Book Published by EC Spuehler of St. Louis, MO.
Antique Crochet and Tatting Pattern Book By Anna Valeire

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