Crochet Pattern Designers

Click on Any of These Books To See More Details: A Listing of the Crochet Patterns and Projects Included, Plus Photos of the Book’s Contents.

Emma Post Barbour

Anna Wuerfel Brown

Mary Card

Winifred Clark

Adeline Cordet

Antonie Ehrlich

Emma Farnes

Mary Fitch

Sarah Hadley

Marie Antoinette Hees

Jane C. Gilbert (Heminway)

Lady Duff Gordon

Frances A Harris

Cora Kirchmaier

Flora Klickmann

Sophie La Croix

Anne Orr

Please note that not all of these books have crochet patterns in them! Some of them are exclusively devoted to other needlework techniques.

Louise Nacke

Augusta Pfeuffer

Belle Robinson

Anna Schumacker (Columbia Book of Yarns)

Anna Valeire

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