Learn How to Crochet and Knit Flapper-Style Beaded Bags

Don’t you just love vintage beaded bags? I do. What I hate: trying to find affordable vintage bags in useable condition. Good luck with that; I long ago figured out that I’d rather just make my own using the bead crochet or bead knitting techniques.

For those of you who would like to try crocheting or knitting a vintage style beaded bag, there are several vintage women’s magazines and needlework pattern books you’ll want to know about:

1. July 1901 Home Needlework Magazine

You Could Make Bags Like This Antique Beaded Bag Using the Patterns in This Vintage Issue of the Home Needlework Magazine.
You Could Make Bags Like This Antique Beaded Bag Using the Patterns in This Vintage Issue of the Home Needlework Magazine.

2. The December 1924 issue of Modern Priscilla Magazine.:

This spectacular Modern Priscilla issue has several patterns for original flapper-era knitted bags with beads, plus lots of other fun contents. You can click here to see many photos of this fantastic publication.

3. Emma Post Barbour’s New Bead Book

This is a colorful, eye-catching pattern book featuring both knit and crochet beaded bag patterns. It also includes some flapper style jewelry patterns too.

4. Beaded Bags in Crochet and Knitting, Book no 13 by Anna Valeire

This is one of my all-time favorite vintage pattern books. The pictures in this book transport my imagination right back in time to the 1920s. I’ve posted some of these fascinating vintage fashion photos here on this website, and I hope you’ll find them as enjoyable to look at as I do.

I deeply regret having sold my original copy of this rare and hard-to-find pattern book. I am totally kicking myself over that decision now — because of all the bead crochet purse patterns I’ve owned, these are the ones I currently want to work most.

5. Virginia Snow’s Authority on Beaded Bags

This is another 1920s era book featuring flapper-style beaded purse patterns and jewelry designs.

Not all vintage bags are beaded bags — so if you want to find more original sources of vintage purse patterns, with or without beads, be sure to check out our list of vintage crochet purse patterns.

One Newer Beaded Bag Pattern You Might Like to Know About:

While I am on the topic of beaded bags, you might also want to check out this free crochet pattern for a beaded cell phone bag. No, it isn’t antique, obviously, but perhaps you’ll enjoy it anyway.

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