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Hello crochet-loving friends!

I am once again writing with an apology about the appearance of this web site. I just installed a new WordPress plugin that will hopefully help me to make the site more “international-friendly”. (For those who don’t know, wordpress is blog software, in case you were wondering.) Unfortunately, the plugin also seems to have caused all the formatting on the web site to have disappeared. Honestly, I do know how to use line breaks, but you wouldn’t know it to look at this web site right now…


Sorry about that! It will take me some time to fix the problem. Sorry if you are inconvenienced by pages that look like a mess.

More Site Updates

I’ve been working on updating the site. So, what do you think of the new WordPress theme? There are a lot of things I like about it, but there are also quite a few things that I really don’t like about it. In the long run I have plans to create my own theme, which hopefully will better reflect the antique-crochet site and its contents. I’ve spent some time designing graphics for the site, but they are not finished and probably won’t be for awhile. For the short term, I’ve decided to concentrate more on getting all the information posted on the site, and getting all the pages finished- so this will have to do for now. Next I will have to tackle the categories. I know they are a mess, and I apologize to you if you’ve tried to use them and been frustrated. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment and post them. Thanks for stopping by!

Site Updates

I’m about to do some updating on the site, so for the next couple of hours, some pages might be a bit of a mess. I apologize in advance for the inconvenience! Thanks for visiting. site updates

I just wanted to give everyone a bit of advance warning that I’m going to be doing some site upgrading within the next few days. I’m hoping that the site will stay live during the upgrades, but there is a possibility that there might be some down time.

Also I’ve done a lot of new web site pages over the last few days, but I haven’t kept up with posting all the updates in the blog. Some of the new pages are still under construction. I apologize to you if you’ve landed on an unfinished page; I know how frustrating that can be. I am finishing things up as fast as I can! Building all these pages just takes so much time. This site is still pretty new (I started it on Christmas Day, 2007) and it is slowly but surely getting finished. I hope it will be finished soon. Well, truth be told, this web site will never be totally finished because there is always another antique crochet pattern book to discover, or another pretty antique crocheted bedspread, or another lovely yoke or beaded bag. Some days I discover so many lovely old crochet and needlework related antiques that I am beside myself trying to decide which ones to post about here. So when I say “finished” I guess I mean that at least hopefully there won’t be any pages that are still under construction. I guess blogs in general are designed to never be “finished”; they are more like a conversation. Speaking of conversation, please feel free to comment on any blog post or page on the site. Your thoughts and suggestions are most welcome, unless of course you’re trying to solicit viagra sales or something. (If that’s the case, trust me, none of the ladies who read this site are going to buy viagra from you. Haha!)

Thanks for visiting! Hope you’re having a great week. ‘Til next time!

Fabulous Antique Crochet & Needlework Finds on Ebay

Sorry, these auctions have all ended. Please click here to visit my page about Needlecraft Magazine, where more current information is available. Or, if you found this listing because you are in search of Modern Priscilla Magazine issues, please click here to view my web page about Modern Priscilla Magazine. Thanks for visiting!

  • Click Here for a box lot of 13 Modern Priscilla Magazines dated 1906-1930. The opening bid is less than $1.00 (US) each! I don’t remember having owned any of these particular issues featured so I cannot say for sure what is in them, but I’ve generally not been disappointed by antique Modern Priscillas. At a price this low, you surely cannot go wrong.
  • And another gigantic box lot of 28!!! magazines. This lot is Needlecraft mags dating from 1916-1924. The opening bid is a ridiculously low $9.99! There’s some really good stuff in these issues too- well worth way more than the opening bid. I’ll try to post some pages about these ASAP if I can find my pics of them. If you enjoy antique crochet at all, I really think you’d enjoy looking through these.
  • And another Needlecraft lot from the same seller. This lot has 35 Needlecraft magazines all together. These appear to all be missing their covers, which is a shame, but the contents are going to be just as delightful nonetheless. Again, the lot appears to be more than worth the opening bid. Site Update: The Delineator From April, 1895 has been updated with a new page dedicated to the Delineator from April, 1895. This is one fantastic magazine! It only has a couple of crochet patterns in it, but they are lovely ones. There is also a lot more interesting needlework. My page includes lots of photos so that you can get a good idea of the magazine’s contents. Please click here to view the April 1895 Issue of the Delineator Magazine. Thanks for your interest! Plans For the Future

I’ve been working on updating the antique crochet site, but am sorry to say that it’s still a bit of a mess. I’m starting to realize what an overwhelming amount of information I have to share. On the bright side, this site is going to be an amazing resource for crochet enthusiasts when the information is all organized and uploaded! On the down side, there is A LOT of organizing to do. Complicating the issue is the fact that all my crochet patterns, photos, articles, and pattern book descriptions have been collected over a time span of 8 years (not to mention that over the years they’ve been stored on 4 different computers, various hard drives, and a multitude of CD roms, so collecting all the data into one place is taking some time.)

In the meanwhile, there are temporarily going to be pages that have no photos; there are going to be pages with photos that have no descriptive text; and then there are going to be pages that have nothing more than “coming soon” on them. When the site is finished, my goal is to have every resource complete with photos, descriptive text, and links to any helpful external sources, plus information on where to buy a particular crochet pattern or resource (if applicable.) So, if you stumble onto this site before all that comes together, I’d really encourage you to bookmark the site or add the blog to your feed reader and check back. I’ll be attempting to add all my site updates to the blog as soon as they are ready.

(I didn’t add yesterday’s or today’s updates because I keep changing them around! But I think I finally found some wordpress plugins that have made the site navigation more manageable.)

Thanks so much for your interest in the site. I really hope that it will be an enjoyable resource when it is complete.

Welcome to!

Glad you dropped by! 🙂 Thanks for your interest in the site. So far, there isn’t much here yet, but there will be soon. I have so many antique crochet patterns and resources and ideas to share. I hope you’ll either add this blog to your feed reader or bookmark the site and check back!