New Site Update: A Web Page About the Star Yoke Book From 1921

Front Cover of the Star Yoke Book From 1921Front Cover of the Star Yoke Book From 1921

I’ve updated the web site with a new page about another old crochet book: The Star Yoke Book, published by the American Thread Company in 1921. There are some gorgeous vintage crochet patterns in this book; most of the patterns are for crocheted nightgown yokes. One yoke is intricate Irish crochet; some others are filet crochet. There are also some knitting and tatting patterns too. My favorite photo from the entire book is a lacy ribbon trimmed knit camisole. Here’s a picture of it:

Front Cover of the Star Yoke Book From 1921

You will find more photos and information on the new Star Yoke Book page; please click here to see it. Enjoy!

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Mary Card Filet Crochet Chart For Sale on Ebay

Updated to add: This blog post was originally written about an ebay auction that has now ended. Sorry if you missed out! However, there are plenty of Mary Card filet crochet charts, books and patterns to be found online. Please click here to see Mary Card crochet patterns here on our website. See also: Mary Card crochet pattern books.

If I find another one of these filet crochet charts I will be sure to post about it, so please make sure to take a look at my latest posts on the site to see if I have posted any current auction finds.

The final bid price of the auction was $36.99 and it was priced in Australian dollars. Ebay’s currency converter was showing an equivalent of $35.23 US at the time I checked, although the rate fluctuates depending on when you check it.

Original Blog Post:

Here’s a fantastic ebay find for you! It’s a Mary Card giant filet crochet chart for the British coat of arms. These are wonderful to work from. Unfortunately, I don’t see these charts come up for sale often enough. The seller is located in Australia, but ships internationally. The auction ends on May 1, 2008.

British needleworkers, please click here to see it (the auction will be shown on, for your convenience.)

Australian needleworkers, please click here to see it (this link will take you to the auction on Ebay Australia.)

American needleworkers, please click here to see it (this link will take you to the auction on Ebay USA.)

Canadian needleworkers, please click here to see it (this link will take you to the auction on Ebay Canada.)

If you decide to bid on the auction, I wish you the very best luck. 🙂

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Another Bargain Priced Ebay Auction For Lovely Vintage Crochet Patterns

Check out this ebay auction!
(quick! It ends in just a few hours.)
Scratch that, the auction ended. Sorry if you missed out!

Books included in the lot this seller is offering for sale sold are:

  • Corticelli Lessons in Crochet, book 9, 1919
  • J & P Coats book by Anne Orr, 1923
  • Star Book of Crochet Designs
  • Star Book of Insertions & Edgings, 1923
  • A Complete Collection of Crochet Designs, 1934
  • Crocheted Edgings & Insertions by Augusta Pfeuffer

I’ve owned several of these in the past. I am working on updating the antique-crochet site to include pages showing you photos and descriptions of the ones I’ve owned, but I probably won’t be able to get it done in time to show them to you before the auction ends. All I can say is, the winner of that auction is going to be in for a real treat. The books are really lovely, even considering that some of them do look like they have some condition issues. Right now the bidding for that auction is only at $9.99 US dollars, which is a fantastic bargain, if you ask me. It’s definitely worth the click to take a look.

Spectacular German Set of Crochet Books

You simply must see this ebay auction for a set of 4 needlework & crochet books from Germany! According to the seller’s auction listing, the books were published in Germany in 1916 and 1917 by the small arts press of Christian Stoll in Plauen. These designs are pretty amazing. Many of the designs are filet crochet. There are so many interesting motifs, including

  • Cherubs
  • Florals
  • Scalloped Lace Edgings and Borders
  • Winged animals ~ Dragons? Griffons?
  • Scenes From Mythology

Take a look at the pics below. If you decide to visit the auction, the seller has even more photos in the listing. It’s worth the click! Lots of great eye candy for crochet lovers.

Just FYI, I’ve purchased from this seller before, and was thoroughly delighted with all aspects of the transaction.

Click Here To See The Auction Listing on Ebay. Site Update: Star Needlework Journal Vol. 9 No. 4

Front Cover Of a Star Needlework Journal Magazine Dated 1924Fancy Filet Crochet Edgings From a Star Needlework Journal Magazine Dated 1924

I just added a new page to which features detailed information about the pattern book pictured above. It’s Star Needlework Journal Vol. 9, No. 4, and it was originally published in 1924. This blog post only gives you a peek at the contents; on the new web page I have included lots more photos, plus a detailed listing of patterns and projects that were contained in the book. This one is a real gem for crochet enthusiasts, because a fair amount of this issue’s contents are crochet patterns.

Pleaase click here to check it out!