Ebay find of the week: 2 vintage books about beaded bags — ENDED

This Auction Has Ended.

This seller has some of the most interesting auctions! The most interesting of which is this auction for 2 1920’s pattern books with instructions on how to make beadwork bags in both crochet and knitting. I’ve owned both of these pattern books before, and they are both exceptional. In the past I’ve sold copies of both books for more than $100 each, although that was years ago. These books look like they have some pretty serious condition issues, so I wouldn’t expect the bidding to reach anywere near those levels for this particular auction. However, the starting bid of the auction is only $9.99, which makes it tempting even considering the damaged condition of the books. I have a web page up showing the projects in the “New Bead Book“; you can click to see it if you’re curious about what the patterns in the book look like. I’ll have to see if I can find my photos from the Virginia Snow book to post. Sharing them has been on my “to do list” and, if you like seeing vintage beadwork projects I think you’d probably really enjoy these.

Edited to add: Web site has been updated with photos of the Virginia Snow Beaded Bags Book. The page is not comprehensive, but at least it allows you to look at more pictures than the book owner made available in the ebay auction. Enjoy!

Flapper Era Beaded Bag Patterns: Crochet, Knit, & Bead Loom

Antique-Crochet.com has been updated with a new page about Emma Post Barbour’s New Bead Book. This lovely Roaring 20’s Pattern book contains beadwork patterns for a variety of handbags, purses, necklaces, bracelets and other interesting items. Some of these include crochet work and some of them don’t, but all are interesting and lovely. Please visit the New Bead Book page for complete details, including photos, project list, and link to sources for purchasing.