Fabulous Antique Crochet & Needlework Finds on Ebay

Sorry, these auctions have all ended. Please click here to visit my page about Needlecraft Magazine, where more current information is available. Or, if you found this listing because you are in search of Modern Priscilla Magazine issues, please click here to view my web page about Modern Priscilla Magazine. Thanks for visiting!

  • Click Here for a box lot of 13 Modern Priscilla Magazines dated 1906-1930. The opening bid is less than $1.00 (US) each! I don’t remember having owned any of these particular issues featured so I cannot say for sure what is in them, but I’ve generally not been disappointed by antique Modern Priscillas. At a price this low, you surely cannot go wrong.
  • And another gigantic box lot of 28!!! magazines. This lot is Needlecraft mags dating from 1916-1924. The opening bid is a ridiculously low $9.99! There’s some really good stuff in these issues too- well worth way more than the opening bid. I’ll try to post some pages about these ASAP if I can find my pics of them. If you enjoy antique crochet at all, I really think you’d enjoy looking through these.
  • And another Needlecraft lot from the same seller. This lot has 35 Needlecraft magazines all together. These appear to all be missing their covers, which is a shame, but the contents are going to be just as delightful nonetheless. Again, the lot appears to be more than worth the opening bid.

Antique-Crochet.com Site Update: My Trousseau by Anna Valeire

Have you seen this amazing book? It’s called My Trousseau. It’s really a gem of a pattern book. I just updated antique-crochet.com to include an entire page about this lovely book, including lots of photos and a list of crochet patterns included in it. I also link to some sources in case you’d be interested in obtaining your own copy. I highly recommend the book! Please click here to read more about the My Trousseau crochet patterns book.

Centerpieces, Lemonade Sets, and Doilies, a Book of Antique Crochet Patterns by Marie Antoinette Hees

Centerpieces, Lemonade Sets, and Doilies, a Book of Antique Crochet Patterns by Marie Antoinette Hees.

The antique-crochet.com site has now been updated with a new page about the book Centerpieces, Lemonade Sets, and Doilies, by Marie Antoinette Hees.

Now, I must confess that I am not much of a doily fan. I find that there are too many other things I’d rather spend the time on, if I am going to crochet. However, as far as doilies go, these are pretty amazing. The centerpieces are even more incredible. What you have here is really a collection of patterns that emphasizes intricate, lacy, scalloped crocheted edgings for table linens. If you’re into table linens with lacy edgings, I think you’d enjoy taking a look. The page includes lots more photos, plus a list of projects, and information about how to find a copy to purchase.

Antique Crochet Pattern Book: Centerpieces, Lemonade Sets, and Doilies