Deep Discounts on Amazing Crochet Pattern Books

My pattern collection consists mostly of vintage crochet patterns. However, I enjoy crochet patterns from every era, and there are many up-to-date, contemporary crochet pattern books that I own and recommend. I bring this up because right now, the folks at Interweave Press are having a massive book sale. I noticed that some of my favorite titles are being offered at really attractive prices.

Anyone who appreciates fine crochet work and has the patience for working vintage crochet patterns is likely to also enjoy working the lovely patterns in Kristin Omdahl’s book, Crochet So Fine.

Seamless Crochet is another captivating crochet book by Kristin Omdahl that I highly recommend to vintage crochet enthusiasts — but only those of you who are willing to wander out of your comfort zones.

You’ve probably crocheted zillions of motifs, and woven in a least twice as many ends. If you’re willing to try a new approach — one with a whole lot less end-weaving, but with some additional mind-bending along the way, then this book is for you.

I’m bummed out to see that one of my favorite crochet books, The Beaded Edge, is out of stock. BOOO! 🙁 But there is a sequel! YAY! I just found out about the Beaded Edge 2. It looks like a beautiful book.

These are just a couple of noteworthy sale items that caught my eye. I own the Kristin Omdahl books already, and I thought they were worth the money at their full prices. My opinion: you really can’t go wrong by buying them at these deeply discounted prices. There are so many other amazing books that look like good buys at these ultra-low prices that I scarcely know where to start. I hope you’ll check ’em out.