Site Update: October 1933 Needlecraft Magazine With Mary Card Filet Crochet Pattern

Front Cover of October 1933 Needlecraft Magazine Showing A Fanciful Color Illustration of MinnehahaIntricate Vintage Scalloped Table Linen or Doily Filet Crochet Pattern With Chart by Mary Card, From the October 1933 Issue of Needlecraft The Home Arts Magazine.

I just created a new web page on the site which is dedicated to the October 1933 Issue of Needlecraft Magazine. This issue has lots of fantastic needlework and crochet patterns, including an exquisite crochet pattern (with chart!) by Mary Card. Mary Card’s patterns and charts are highly sought after by crochet enthusiasts and collectors, and you can easily see why when you look at this example of Mary Card’s work. If you want more details about the Mary Card pattern or about the magazine’s other contents, please do take a look at the page for Needlecraft October 1933. Site Update: Sept. 1933 Needlecraft Magazine

Cover of the September 1933 Needlecraft Magazine.Fancy Filet Crochet Table Linen; the Crochet Pattern is From the September 1933 Needlecraft Magazine.

The September 1933 issue of Needlecraft Magazine has some exquisite crochet patterns in it, including a pattern for the lovely filet crochet tea cloth you see above. There is a good mix of other needlework patterns in the issue as well. I won’t go into more detail in this blog post, because I’ve just updated the site with a page showing lots of photos of the projects in the issue. The page also features a list of projects you will find in the issue. So if you’re interested in seeing more of what’s between the covers of the magazine, I hope you’ll check out the new page. Please click here to view the page about the Sept. 1933 issue of Needlecraft Magazine. Thanks for your interest! Site Update: Star Needlework Journal Vol. 9 No. 4

Front Cover Of a Star Needlework Journal Magazine Dated 1924Fancy Filet Crochet Edgings From a Star Needlework Journal Magazine Dated 1924

I just added a new page to which features detailed information about the pattern book pictured above. It’s Star Needlework Journal Vol. 9, No. 4, and it was originally published in 1924. This blog post only gives you a peek at the contents; on the new web page I have included lots more photos, plus a detailed listing of patterns and projects that were contained in the book. This one is a real gem for crochet enthusiasts, because a fair amount of this issue’s contents are crochet patterns.

Pleaase click here to check it out! Site Update: October 1899 Home Needlework Magazine

Front Cover of the October 1899 Home Needlework Magazine Color Plate Featuring a Rose Embroidery Design From the October 1899 Home Needlework Magazine Antique Embroidered Decore Crochet Centerpiece from Home Needlework Magazine's October 1899 Issue

This ebay auction for a lot of 3 Home Needlework Magazines reminded me that I wanted to share the contents of the October 1899 issue (which is one of the issues being auctioned in that ebay lot.) If you’re in a buying mood, take a look at the auction, because it seems like a fantastic lot. I have no idea what the contents of the other 2 issues are, but just based on the contents of the October 1899 issue, it looks to me like a worthwhile purchase.The October 1899 issue is particularly amazing because it has 9 color plates. There aren’t all that many crochet patterns, but the few present are great.
If you click this link, you’ll be able to view the new web page featuring 52 photos plus a description of the contents, articles, patterns, projects and tidbits in the Oct. 1899 issue of Home Needlework Magazine. Site Update: Collingbourne’s Elgin Maid Book of Crochet Patterns, by Virginia Snow Studios

The Front Cover of Collingbourne's Elgin Maid Book Portrays a Lovely Young Girl Spinning At Her Spinning Wheel.

I just updated with a new page about Collingbourne’s Elgin Maid Book. Please check it out!

Thanks for your interest! 🙂

Centerpieces, Lemonade Sets, and Doilies, a Book of Antique Crochet Patterns by Marie Antoinette Hees

Centerpieces, Lemonade Sets, and Doilies, a Book of Antique Crochet Patterns by Marie Antoinette Hees.

The site has now been updated with a new page about the book Centerpieces, Lemonade Sets, and Doilies, by Marie Antoinette Hees.

Now, I must confess that I am not much of a doily fan. I find that there are too many other things I’d rather spend the time on, if I am going to crochet. However, as far as doilies go, these are pretty amazing. The centerpieces are even more incredible. What you have here is really a collection of patterns that emphasizes intricate, lacy, scalloped crocheted edgings for table linens. If you’re into table linens with lacy edgings, I think you’d enjoy taking a look. The page includes lots more photos, plus a list of projects, and information about how to find a copy to purchase.

Antique Crochet Pattern Book: Centerpieces, Lemonade Sets, and Doilies