Where to Get Free Vintage and New Knit and Crochet Edging Patterns

This list of free knit and crochet edging patterns includes 77+ different choices — some for contemporary edgings, and some for vintage edgings. Some of the edgings are simple and some are fancy; some are easy and some are challenging. There’s a fantastic mix of trims, borders and edgings — a little something for everyone.

If you’re looking for blanket edgings, that page isn’t the most helpful possibility, just because you’d also have to wade through all the patterns that don’t have corners. If you need a pattern with a corner, check out this page of crochet borders for blankets. The page features links to free patterns for different blanket edgings that have corners, plus insights to help you crochet blanket borders more easily.

Sharing Some Antique & Vintage Crochet Goodies on My Ebay Watch List

The original subject of this post was ebay auctions on my watch list, but now the auctions have ended and those items have been removed from ebay’s database. So, most of the original post serves no real purpose. If you found this page because you are in search of antique crochet patterns by Anna Valeire,please click here to go to my Anna Valeire page. If you are looking for Corticelli crochet pattern books, please click here to view my Corticelli page. If you’d like to see even more antique crochet books, there are a whole bunch of them here. Or, you can click here to view my latest blog posts about antique crochet. Thanks for visiting!

  • Here’s a great auction for 3 antique crochet lace pieces. As of now, the auction looks very affordable.
  • Click Here For a couple of filet crochet pattern books from 1917- one is by Mary Fitch, the other is a Corticelli book.
  • And Another Fabulous Lot Offered By The Same Seller. One of these books is by Anna Valeire- a book that I’m guessing is pretty rare, considering that I rarely see it come up for sale. The other is by Mary Fitch. Both books look beautiful.

Antique-Crochet.com Site Update: Star Needlework Journal Vol. 9 No. 4

Front Cover Of a Star Needlework Journal Magazine Dated 1924Fancy Filet Crochet Edgings From a Star Needlework Journal Magazine Dated 1924

I just added a new page to antique-crochet.com which features detailed information about the pattern book pictured above. It’s Star Needlework Journal Vol. 9, No. 4, and it was originally published in 1924. This blog post only gives you a peek at the contents; on the new web page I have included lots more photos, plus a detailed listing of patterns and projects that were contained in the book. This one is a real gem for crochet enthusiasts, because a fair amount of this issue’s contents are crochet patterns.

Pleaase click here to check it out!