Site Update: Royal Society Crochet Lessons Book 9

Royal Society Crochet Lessons Book No 9 Dated 1917
Royal Society Crochet Lessons Book No. 9 contains numerous outstanding patterns. The book is dated 1917. It was published by the H.E. Verran Company. I’ve updated the site with an entire page about this book. The page features lots of photographs of the various crochet patterns in the book, plus a brief listing of patterns and contents. The rest of the book is as delightful as the cover is, so I hope you’ll check it out!

New Site Update: A Web Page About the Star Yoke Book From 1921

Front Cover of the Star Yoke Book From 1921Front Cover of the Star Yoke Book From 1921

I’ve updated the web site with a new page about another old crochet book: The Star Yoke Book, published by the American Thread Company in 1921. There are some gorgeous vintage crochet patterns in this book; most of the patterns are for crocheted nightgown yokes. One yoke is intricate Irish crochet; some others are filet crochet. There are also some knitting and tatting patterns too. My favorite photo from the entire book is a lacy ribbon trimmed knit camisole. Here’s a picture of it:

Front Cover of the Star Yoke Book From 1921

You will find more photos and information on the new Star Yoke Book page; please click here to see it. Enjoy!

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Ebay Auction For 1920’s Era Crochet & Needlework Pattern Books

Edited to add: The auction I originally posted about has now ended, so I removed the link to it. However, you can still click the link below to visit my page about the Star Needlework Journal Volume 9 Number 4.

I just found what looks like a fantastic deal on a lot of 4 original vintage needlework books. As of right now, the bidding’s only at $2.99, and the auction ends in less than 24 hours. I’m thinking this could turn out to be an incredible bargain for someone, even considering that some of the books do have some condition issues. You can’t even buy single reproductions for that price!

One of the pattern books included in the auction is the Star Needlework Journal Volume 9 Number 4, which I blogged about a bit earlier today. In my opinion, that book alone is worth way more than $2.99. The other books included are:

  • Clark’s ONT Designs For Edgings, Insertions and Medallions
  • Yokes and Edgings in Crochet, Book No. 10 by Adeline Cordet
  • and a Jack Frost book of handbags that looks like it is probably a somewhat later vintage

Overall this looks like a great pattern lot.

The Mother Lode of Antique Crochet Pattern Books!

Edited to add: the auction I originally posted about has ended, but you can still click here to view the page for the “My Trousseau” book

Click Here For an Amazing Find on Ebay ~ TEN crochet pattern books from the Edwardian era through the 1920’s! I’ve owned quite a few of these titles, and knowing how lovely those books are, I think that the winner of the auction is going to be in for a real treat.

One of the books included in that auction is “My Trousseau” by Anna Valeire. If you’d like to see more photos of it, click here to view the “My Trousseau” page.

I’ll hopefully be updating more pages soon. Site Update: Collingbourne’s Elgin Maid Book of Crochet Patterns, by Virginia Snow Studios

The Front Cover of Collingbourne's Elgin Maid Book Portrays a Lovely Young Girl Spinning At Her Spinning Wheel.

I just updated with a new page about Collingbourne’s Elgin Maid Book. Please check it out!

Thanks for your interest! 🙂 Site Update: My Trousseau by Anna Valeire

Have you seen this amazing book? It’s called My Trousseau. It’s really a gem of a pattern book. I just updated to include an entire page about this lovely book, including lots of photos and a list of crochet patterns included in it. I also link to some sources in case you’d be interested in obtaining your own copy. I highly recommend the book! Please click here to read more about the My Trousseau crochet patterns book.