Site Update: Royal Society Crochet Lessons Book 9

Royal Society Crochet Lessons Book No 9 Dated 1917
Royal Society Crochet Lessons Book No. 9 contains numerous outstanding patterns. The book is dated 1917. It was published by the H.E. Verran Company. I’ve updated the site with an entire page about this book. The page features lots of photographs of the various crochet patterns in the book, plus a brief listing of patterns and contents. The rest of the book is as delightful as the cover is, so I hope you’ll check it out! Site Update: Antonie Ehrlich’s Knitting & Crochet Bedspread Patterns From 1914

Antique Crochet and Cross Stitch Bedspread Pattern by Antonie Ehrlich
Gorgeous Scalloped Crochet Bedspread Pattern From 1914
Gorgeous Deep Scalloped Filet Crochet Edging With Roses and Floral Motifs. For Bedspreads or Other Linens. By Antonie Ehrlich.

If you like what you see here, I think you’ll want to check out the new web page I just created, which is dedicated to Antonie Ehrlich’s Crochet Pattern Book No. 2: Bedspreads. The page shows even more photos of the crochet and knitting patterns contained in this lovely antiquarian pattern book. I also wrote a brief description of some of the bedspread patterns you will find in the book, plus I give some purchasing information.

Just a “heads up”: there is currently one copy of this pattern book for sale on ebay. The auction ends on 2-14-08. The seller’s other auctions are also worth checking out. Wow! Lots of lovely old pattern books among that seller’s offerings. If you like vintage and antique crochet pattern books, you’ll find some really good stuff there. The auction I originally posted about has ended. If you’re interested in finding sources for this book, please check the page linked above, because on that page I have lots of different links that will take you to the copies that are currently available (if any.)

Fabulous Antique Crochet & Needlework Finds on Ebay

Sorry, these auctions have all ended. Please click here to visit my page about Needlecraft Magazine, where more current information is available. Or, if you found this listing because you are in search of Modern Priscilla Magazine issues, please click here to view my web page about Modern Priscilla Magazine. Thanks for visiting!

  • Click Here for a box lot of 13 Modern Priscilla Magazines dated 1906-1930. The opening bid is less than $1.00 (US) each! I don’t remember having owned any of these particular issues featured so I cannot say for sure what is in them, but I’ve generally not been disappointed by antique Modern Priscillas. At a price this low, you surely cannot go wrong.
  • And another gigantic box lot of 28!!! magazines. This lot is Needlecraft mags dating from 1916-1924. The opening bid is a ridiculously low $9.99! There’s some really good stuff in these issues too- well worth way more than the opening bid. I’ll try to post some pages about these ASAP if I can find my pics of them. If you enjoy antique crochet at all, I really think you’d enjoy looking through these.
  • And another Needlecraft lot from the same seller. This lot has 35 Needlecraft magazines all together. These appear to all be missing their covers, which is a shame, but the contents are going to be just as delightful nonetheless. Again, the lot appears to be more than worth the opening bid.

Antique-Crochet.Com Site Update: New Page For Feb. 1918 Needlecraft Magazine With Mary Card Crochet Patterns

Feb 1918 Needlecraft Magazine With Crochet Patterns by Mary Card

I’ve just updated the web site with a brand new page about the February 1918 issue of Needlecraft Magazine. This is a fantastic issue!

Wouldn’t you love to learn how to crochet this…

Crochet Fleur De Lis Doily Pattern by Mary Card, From the Feb 1918 Issue of Needlecraft Magazine.

Or this?

Antique Hand Crocheted Linen Designed by Mary Card, From the Feb 1918 Issue of Needlecraft Magazine.

There are many other beautiful patterns and projects in the issue as well. Click Here To Read More About the Feb. 1918 Issue of Needlecraft Magazine. Site Update: New Page About Royal Society Crochet Lessons Book No. 10

Front Cover of the Royal Society Crochet Lessons Book No. 10

I just updated the site with a new page about a crochet pattern book from 1917 called Royal Society Crochet Lessons No. 10. The page includes lots of photos showing the crochet projects that are included in the book, and a list of patterns and projects. Click Here For More Info About the Royal Society Crochet Lessons No. 10

Corticelli Yarn Book With Red Cross Army & Navy Patterns From World War I Era

Front Cover of the World War One Era Corticelli Yarn Book

I just updated with a new page about another old crochet and knitting pattern book. This one is from 1917, and it is called the Corticelli Yarn Book, Lessons in Knitting and Crochet, Book 6. I hope you’ll check out the page! It features photos of some of the projects in the book, and descriptions of the projects you will find in the book.

Spectacular German Set of Crochet Books

You simply must see this ebay auction for a set of 4 needlework & crochet books from Germany! According to the seller’s auction listing, the books were published in Germany in 1916 and 1917 by the small arts press of Christian Stoll in Plauen. These designs are pretty amazing. Many of the designs are filet crochet. There are so many interesting motifs, including

  • Cherubs
  • Florals
  • Scalloped Lace Edgings and Borders
  • Winged animals ~ Dragons? Griffons?
  • Scenes From Mythology

Take a look at the pics below. If you decide to visit the auction, the seller has even more photos in the listing. It’s worth the click! Lots of great eye candy for crochet lovers.

Just FYI, I’ve purchased from this seller before, and was thoroughly delighted with all aspects of the transaction.

Click Here To See The Auction Listing on Ebay.