Ebay Auctions: Cherub filet crochet pattern, amazing antique quilt designs, and more.

Edited to add: The ebay auctions that I originally posted about have ended, so I removed the links to the ended auctions from this post. However, the seller I posted about lists many interesting items for sale. You can click here to see other items from that seller- lots of interesting antique magazines and other fun stuff. You never know what you’ll find!

I thought I’d share some of the antique crochet & needlework auctions on my ebay watch list. This seller has some really fantastic offerings. I found this seller’s listings in the first place because of the Star Needlework Journal with the cherub bedspread pattern (it appears to be filet crochet from the picture of the chart which is given in the auction, but hard to tell for sure). Looks pretty fabulous!!

BUT then when I looked at all the seller’s items I could see that there are a lot of gems! One other amazingly cool item being sold is this book, which appears to be original hand drawn quilt designs. Honestly, someone from a publishing company should investigate the copyright on this book. It is very possible that the designs in it are now public domain and could be re-published and the quilt designs made available for a lot of other quilters and crafters to enjoy. I’m not much of a quilter so that is not a project I care to tackle, but it does look like a good opportunity for someone. Judging from the seller’s photographs, the book looks absolutely delightful!

Fabulous Antique Crochet & Needlework Finds on Ebay

Sorry, these auctions have all ended. Please click here to visit my page about Needlecraft Magazine, where more current information is available. Or, if you found this listing because you are in search of Modern Priscilla Magazine issues, please click here to view my web page about Modern Priscilla Magazine. Thanks for visiting!

  • Click Here for a box lot of 13 Modern Priscilla Magazines dated 1906-1930. The opening bid is less than $1.00 (US) each! I don’t remember having owned any of these particular issues featured so I cannot say for sure what is in them, but I’ve generally not been disappointed by antique Modern Priscillas. At a price this low, you surely cannot go wrong.
  • And another gigantic box lot of 28!!! magazines. This lot is Needlecraft mags dating from 1916-1924. The opening bid is a ridiculously low $9.99! There’s some really good stuff in these issues too- well worth way more than the opening bid. I’ll try to post some pages about these ASAP if I can find my pics of them. If you enjoy antique crochet at all, I really think you’d enjoy looking through these.
  • And another Needlecraft lot from the same seller. This lot has 35 Needlecraft magazines all together. These appear to all be missing their covers, which is a shame, but the contents are going to be just as delightful nonetheless. Again, the lot appears to be more than worth the opening bid.

Antique-Crochet.Com Site Update: New Page For Feb. 1918 Needlecraft Magazine With Mary Card Crochet Patterns

Feb 1918 Needlecraft Magazine With Crochet Patterns by Mary Card

I’ve just updated the Antique-crochet.com web site with a brand new page about the February 1918 issue of Needlecraft Magazine. This is a fantastic issue!

Wouldn’t you love to learn how to crochet this…

Crochet Fleur De Lis Doily Pattern by Mary Card, From the Feb 1918 Issue of Needlecraft Magazine.

Or this?

Antique Hand Crocheted Linen Designed by Mary Card, From the Feb 1918 Issue of Needlecraft Magazine.

There are many other beautiful patterns and projects in the issue as well. Click Here To Read More About the Feb. 1918 Issue of Needlecraft Magazine.

Gorgeous Vintage & Antique Hand Crocheted Purses

Check out this seller’s purse auctions! (S)he has a couple of gorgeous Edwardian Era handbags listed, plus another that looks to be of a later vintage. The seller has a bunch more really interesting items too- none crochet that I could see but lots of interesting antiques and collectibles.

Sorry, these auctions ended. But, you can click here to see a really gorgeous 1920’s pattern book for beaded knit & crochet purses, if you want some eye candy! Thanks for your interest.

Sharing Some Antique & Vintage Crochet Goodies on My Ebay Watch List

The original subject of this post was ebay auctions on my watch list, but now the auctions have ended and those items have been removed from ebay’s database. So, most of the original post serves no real purpose. If you found this page because you are in search of antique crochet patterns by Anna Valeire,please click here to go to my Anna Valeire page. If you are looking for Corticelli crochet pattern books, please click here to view my Corticelli page. If you’d like to see even more antique crochet books, there are a whole bunch of them here. Or, you can click here to view my latest blog posts about antique crochet. Thanks for visiting!

  • Here’s a great auction for 3 antique crochet lace pieces. As of now, the auction looks very affordable.
  • Click Here For a couple of filet crochet pattern books from 1917- one is by Mary Fitch, the other is a Corticelli book.
  • And Another Fabulous Lot Offered By The Same Seller. One of these books is by Anna Valeire- a book that I’m guessing is pretty rare, considering that I rarely see it come up for sale. The other is by Mary Fitch. Both books look beautiful.

Antique-Crochet.com Site Update: New Page About Royal Society Crochet Lessons Book No. 10

Front Cover of the Royal Society Crochet Lessons Book No. 10

I just updated the antique-crochet.com site with a new page about a crochet pattern book from 1917 called Royal Society Crochet Lessons No. 10. The page includes lots of photos showing the crochet projects that are included in the book, and a list of patterns and projects. Click Here For More Info About the Royal Society Crochet Lessons No. 10

Ebay Auction: 13 Crochet Pattern Books Dated 1916 – 1951

Edited to add: Sorry, the ebay auction I originally posted about has ended. Please click here if you are interested in visiting my web page about antique crochet books; I have lots of “eye candy” and photos posted on that page, along with links to book descriptions and lists of all the projects you will find in the books. OR Please click here to see more recent antique crochet blog posts.
I just discovered an ebay auction for what looks like a pretty fantastic lot of old crochet pattern books. There seem to be a good variety of patterns, everything from bedspreads to pot holders to laces and edgings. As of right now, there haven’t been any takers on the opening bid of only $4.00. Seems like someone might get an amazing bargain here…

Featured Thread Crochet Seller: Demi & Julie’s Crochet Heaven

The photos above were taken by Demet of Demi & Julie’s Crochet Heaven. I first met Demet through ebay, and her work definitely caught my eye. Aren’t her thread crochet doilies & table centers lovely?If you ever have the pleasure of talking with Demet, be sure to ask her about her pattern collection! She owns a treasure trove of incredible crochet patterns, including many lovely antique and vintage patterns. Having said that, my favorite pieces of hers are not from any commercial pattern; I LOVE the pieces that she designed and created from start to finish. I really hope you will visit her ebay store and take a look at them. She brings an amazing level of artistry to this craft, and her design work is exquisite.

Please click here for more information about her thread crochet. OR, if you’d rather visit her ebay store, click here.

Ebay Auction For Victorian Era Ladies’ Fancy Work Book

Edited to add: This auction ended.

One of today’s best finds: an antiquarian needlework book that looks like it is from the Victorian era. It is called Ladies’ Fancy Work: A Manual of Instruction In Artistic Needlework, Embroidery, Painting, Home Decoration, Etc. “Profusely illustrated”, according to the title page. I’ve never owned this particular book, but the seller has included lots of interesting photos in the auction description, and it looks like a great find. One of the things that caught my eye was the photo showing the “Strawberry lace in crochet”. It’s quite pretty! Looks like the book contains lots of other great projects too. As of right now, there are only 2 bids on the auction and the going price is $12.50. To me it seems underpriced at this point. You never know where the bidding will end up, though. The auction ends a little later today, so if you are interested in the book make sure to get your bid in quickly. Good luck to you if you decide to bid!

Another Bargain Priced Ebay Auction For Lovely Vintage Crochet Patterns

Check out this ebay auction!
(quick! It ends in just a few hours.)
Scratch that, the auction ended. Sorry if you missed out!

Books included in the lot this seller is offering for sale sold are:

  • Corticelli Lessons in Crochet, book 9, 1919
  • J & P Coats book by Anne Orr, 1923
  • Star Book of Crochet Designs
  • Star Book of Insertions & Edgings, 1923
  • A Complete Collection of Crochet Designs, 1934
  • Crocheted Edgings & Insertions by Augusta Pfeuffer

I’ve owned several of these in the past. I am working on updating the antique-crochet site to include pages showing you photos and descriptions of the ones I’ve owned, but I probably won’t be able to get it done in time to show them to you before the auction ends. All I can say is, the winner of that auction is going to be in for a real treat. The books are really lovely, even considering that some of them do look like they have some condition issues. Right now the bidding for that auction is only at $9.99 US dollars, which is a fantastic bargain, if you ask me. It’s definitely worth the click to take a look.

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