Ebay find of the week: 2 vintage books about beaded bags — ENDED

This Auction Has Ended.

This seller has some of the most interesting auctions! The most interesting of which is this auction for 2 1920’s pattern books with instructions on how to make beadwork bags in both crochet and knitting. I’ve owned both of these pattern books before, and they are both exceptional. In the past I’ve sold copies of both books for more than $100 each, although that was years ago. These books look like they have some pretty serious condition issues, so I wouldn’t expect the bidding to reach anywere near those levels for this particular auction. However, the starting bid of the auction is only $9.99, which makes it tempting even considering the damaged condition of the books. I have a web page up showing the projects in the “New Bead Book“; you can click to see it if you’re curious about what the patterns in the book look like. I’ll have to see if I can find my photos from the Virginia Snow book to post. Sharing them has been on my “to do list” and, if you like seeing vintage beadwork projects I think you’d probably really enjoy these.

Edited to add: Web site has been updated with photos of the Virginia Snow Beaded Bags Book. The page is not comprehensive, but at least it allows you to look at more pictures than the book owner made available in the ebay auction. Enjoy!

Antique-crochet.com Site Update: October 1933 Needlecraft Magazine With Mary Card Filet Crochet Pattern

Front Cover of October 1933 Needlecraft Magazine Showing A Fanciful Color Illustration of MinnehahaIntricate Vintage Scalloped Table Linen or Doily Filet Crochet Pattern With Chart by Mary Card, From the October 1933 Issue of Needlecraft The Home Arts Magazine.

I just created a new web page on the antique-crochet.com site which is dedicated to the October 1933 Issue of Needlecraft Magazine. This issue has lots of fantastic needlework and crochet patterns, including an exquisite crochet pattern (with chart!) by Mary Card. Mary Card’s patterns and charts are highly sought after by crochet enthusiasts and collectors, and you can easily see why when you look at this example of Mary Card’s work. If you want more details about the Mary Card pattern or about the magazine’s other contents, please do take a look at the page for Needlecraft October 1933.

Antique-Crochet.com Site Update: New Page For the December 1931 Issue of Needlecraft Magazine

One of the highlights of the December 1931 Issue of Needlecraft Magazine: The gorgeous filet crochet pattern for a chair set designed by Mary Card. It’s pictured above. I just updated the antique-crochet.com site with a new page dedicated to this issue of the magazine, including lots more pictures plus a list of projects that are included in that issue. So rather than elaborating further I will just refer you to the page for more details. Click here to see more photos and needlework patterns from the December 1931 Needlecraft Magazine! Thanks for your interest. Hope you’ll enjoy the page!

Edited on 4/25/08 to add:

I just found an ebay seller who is auctioning what looks like a fantastic lot of 8 Needlecraft magazines from 1931, and this issue is one of them. Looks like a fantastic auction. Here’s the link for you.

If you’d rather have just this issue, there are a couple of sellers who have listed single copies for sale in their ebay stores at a fixed price. Both of these sellers ship worldwide, to the best of my knowledge.
Click Here to see Copy #1
Click Here to see Copy #2.

Edited on 3/24/08 to add: I just found an ebay seller who is offering an auction for 3 different Needlecraft magazine back issues, and this is one of the issues in the lot. I think it looks like a pretty good deal, so I thought I’d post and give y’all the “heads up”. Good luck if you decide to bid! This auction has ended.

antique-crochet.com Site Update: Sept. 1933 Needlecraft Magazine

Cover of the September 1933 Needlecraft Magazine.Fancy Filet Crochet Table Linen; the Crochet Pattern is From the September 1933 Needlecraft Magazine.

The September 1933 issue of Needlecraft Magazine has some exquisite crochet patterns in it, including a pattern for the lovely filet crochet tea cloth you see above. There is a good mix of other needlework patterns in the issue as well. I won’t go into more detail in this blog post, because I’ve just updated the site with a page showing lots of photos of the projects in the issue. The page also features a list of projects you will find in the issue. So if you’re interested in seeing more of what’s between the covers of the magazine, I hope you’ll check out the new page. Please click here to view the page about the Sept. 1933 issue of Needlecraft Magazine. Thanks for your interest!

Antique-Crochet.com Site Update: Belgium-themed Issue of Needlecraft Magazine From 1931

A Belgian Woman With Saint Bernard Dogs on the Cover of September 1931 Needlecraft MagazineA Stunning Vintage Filet Crochet Lace Edging From the September 1931 Needlecraft Magazine

I just posted a new page on antique-crochet.com which is dedicated to the September 1931 issue of Needlecraft Magazine. The emphasis of this issue really isn’t crochet, but there is a good mix of needlework and there are a few crochet patterns included. This blog post shows just a tiny “sneak peek” of the page’s contents, but there are lots more photos plus links to where you can purchase this issue.

Antique Needlework & Crochet Magazines

I’ve been working on creating some informational web pages about antique women’s magazines which featured needlework patterns, particularly crochet patterns. This isn’t a comprehensive list (yet) because I am focusing on my favorite publications- the ones that I am very familiar with and have in my own collection. However, I am hoping that these pages will be a fantastic resource for those who crochet, knit, make lace, tat, etc. I think that it will be helpful for other needleworkers to see photos and descriptions of various projects and patterns in the magazines before they decide whether or not to purchase the magazine. Most booksellers who sell these don’t make that information available, which I personally have found frustrating when trying to make a decision. In most cases I’ve just had to take a chance on buying, hoping I’d like whatever contents were inside. So, with that in mind, I am working on making more extensive information available to you for the publications that are my most favorite.

Please click here to view the page about Antique Women’s Magazines. This page gives a general description of which antique magazines I am currently featuring on the antique-crochet.com site. The page contains links to more information about each publication, if you happen to find one you are interested in learning more about. I anticipate that these pages will grow with time, so if antique magazines interest you, please check back periodically to see what has been added. Thanks for your interest! Your feedback is welcome, so please feel free to comment.

Antique-Crochet.com Site Update: Antonie Ehrlich’s Knitting & Crochet Bedspread Patterns From 1914

Antique Crochet and Cross Stitch Bedspread Pattern by Antonie Ehrlich
Gorgeous Scalloped Crochet Bedspread Pattern From 1914
Gorgeous Deep Scalloped Filet Crochet Edging With Roses and Floral Motifs. For Bedspreads or Other Linens. By Antonie Ehrlich.

If you like what you see here, I think you’ll want to check out the new web page I just created, which is dedicated to Antonie Ehrlich’s Crochet Pattern Book No. 2: Bedspreads. The page shows even more photos of the crochet and knitting patterns contained in this lovely antiquarian pattern book. I also wrote a brief description of some of the bedspread patterns you will find in the book, plus I give some purchasing information.

Just a “heads up”: there is currently one copy of this pattern book for sale on ebay. The auction ends on 2-14-08. The seller’s other auctions are also worth checking out. Wow! Lots of lovely old pattern books among that seller’s offerings. If you like vintage and antique crochet pattern books, you’ll find some really good stuff there. The auction I originally posted about has ended. If you’re interested in finding sources for this book, please check the page linked above, because on that page I have lots of different links that will take you to the copies that are currently available (if any.)

Antique Crochet & Needlework Pattern Book Auctions

This ebay seller’s crochet and needlework pattern book auctions look fantastic!

Edited 2-12-08 to add:

The ebay auctions that I originally posted about have ended, sorry! However, I have noticed that this seller does seem to list quite a few needlework pattern books. So, if you see any items listed below, they are the most current offerings from that seller. Otherwise you’ll see a message about “0 items being found” for your search.

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