Antique Crochet & Needlework Pattern Book Auctions on Ebay

Post updated June 3 ’08. The auctions I originally posted about have now ended.

If you’re curious about the final prices of these auctions, here are some links for you:

Click here to see the ended auction for the January 1903 issue of Home Needlework Magazine. High bid price was $36.00.

Click here to see the ended auction for the July 1906 issue of Home Needlework Magazine. High bid price was $36.00.

Click here to see the ended auction for the June July 1910 issue of Home Needlework Magazine. End price was $9.95, which in my opinion was a fantastic bargain for the winner even considering the substantial wear on the cover.

Click here to see the ended auction for the June 1908 issue of Home Needlework Magazine. High bid price was $11.50, another bargain in my opinion.

This ebay seller is selling sold some lovely antique crochet and needlework pattern books, including a couple of “Home Needlework Magazine” Back issues and a Royal Society crochet book. I used to have a couple of these books in my collection, and they are absolutely delightful. For those of you who collect beaded bag patterns, the January 1903 issue has several of them. Luckily, the seller included multiple photos in the auction so you can see at least one of the bags. There are also several color illustrations shown. You can click here to see my description of the patterns included. Sorry to say that I don’t have my informational web pages up for the other books, but I will try to get them posted ASAP.

Mary Card Filet Crochet Chart For Sale on Ebay

Updated to add: This blog post was originally written about an ebay auction that has now ended. Sorry if you missed out! However, there are plenty of Mary Card filet crochet charts, books and patterns to be found online. Please click here to see Mary Card crochet patterns here on our website. See also: Mary Card crochet pattern books.

If I find another one of these filet crochet charts I will be sure to post about it, so please make sure to take a look at my latest posts on the site to see if I have posted any current auction finds.

The final bid price of the auction was $36.99 and it was priced in Australian dollars. Ebay’s currency converter was showing an equivalent of $35.23 US at the time I checked, although the rate fluctuates depending on when you check it.

Original Blog Post:

Here’s a fantastic ebay find for you! It’s a Mary Card giant filet crochet chart for the British coat of arms. These are wonderful to work from. Unfortunately, I don’t see these charts come up for sale often enough. The seller is located in Australia, but ships internationally. The auction ends on May 1, 2008.

British needleworkers, please click here to see it (the auction will be shown on, for your convenience.)

Australian needleworkers, please click here to see it (this link will take you to the auction on Ebay Australia.)

American needleworkers, please click here to see it (this link will take you to the auction on Ebay USA.)

Canadian needleworkers, please click here to see it (this link will take you to the auction on Ebay Canada.)

If you decide to bid on the auction, I wish you the very best luck. 🙂

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More Vintage & Antique Crochet Ebay Auctions

This seller apparently specializes in selling collectible antique textiles. I thought that some of her current crochet offerings looked really interesting. She is located in the USA, but ships worldwide.

The items linked above are just a few of the things that are currently being offered; only items with the keyword “crochet” will show up in that search. There are plenty more interesting antique textiles and linens available for immediate purchase; you are likely to find antique quilts, linens, embroideries, etc. Here are some links to her ebay store:

Antique European Crochet Finds on Ebay

This post and This post have both been updated. These posts show images of some very rare antique European crochet books. I posted about them before when they first came up for sale, but apparently they haven’t found a home yet. So, if you missed out on seeing them the first time, they are definitely worth looking at now. They are offered for sale by one of my favorite sellers on ebay, a seller that I have dealt with before and recommend.

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Antique Sewing and Crochet Instruction Books on Ebay

This looks like a fantastic auction! Included in this lot are 4 different booklets, 2 of which are crochet books and 2 of which are sewing books. One of the crochet books is Corticelli Crochet Lessons Book #7. I have clearer photos of this book posted than the seller does, so if you’d like to see what’s actually in the pattern book hopefully you will find my page for the Corticelli book to be helpful. Please note that the copy offered at auction appears to be missing its cover, somewhat invalidating the seller’s claim of “very good condition” (although I wouldn’t expect that a seller would necessarily realize that the cover was missing on this particular type of book.) The other crochet book by Adeline Cordet is also one that I’ve owned before. I haven’t yet created a page on the site for that book yet, although it is on my to-do list. The patterns in that one are really nice too. I don’t think I’ve ever owned either of those sewing books before, but I think they look really interesting. Overall, looks to me like a great auction. Hard to tell how high the bidding will go, but right now, if you ask me, it’s seriously underpriced.

Update: This auction has ended. Thanks to some idiotic changes at ebay- the “advanced search” is not working for me at all- I am not able to find or link to the ended auction. Sorry about that; I wish I knew how it turned out!

More Ebay Finds: Antique and Vintage Crochet, Knitting and Tatting Books

This seller is selling a treasure trove of antique and vintage crochet, knitting and tatting patterns. (If the auctions are still running by the time you see this post, you’ll see them listed below. If not, you’ll see a message that no items were found.

[phpbay]crochet* | knitting | tatting, 10, “”, “”, “”, sfgiants[/phpbay]

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