Learn How to Crochet and Knit Flapper-Style Beaded Bags

Don’t you just love vintage beaded bags? I do. What I hate: trying to find affordable vintage bags in useable condition. Good luck with that; I long ago figured out that I’d rather just make my own using the bead crochet or bead knitting techniques.

For those of you who would like to try crocheting or knitting a vintage style beaded bag, there are several vintage women’s magazines and needlework pattern books you’ll want to know about:

1. July 1901 Home Needlework Magazine

You Could Make Bags Like This Antique Beaded Bag Using the Patterns in This Vintage Issue of the Home Needlework Magazine.
You Could Make Bags Like This Antique Beaded Bag Using the Patterns in This Vintage Issue of the Home Needlework Magazine.

2. The December 1924 issue of Modern Priscilla Magazine.:

This spectacular Modern Priscilla issue has several patterns for original flapper-era knitted bags with beads, plus lots of other fun contents. You can click here to see many photos of this fantastic publication.

3. Emma Post Barbour’s New Bead Book

This is a colorful, eye-catching pattern book featuring both knit and crochet beaded bag patterns. It also includes some flapper style jewelry patterns too.

4. Beaded Bags in Crochet and Knitting, Book no 13 by Anna Valeire

This is one of my all-time favorite vintage pattern books. The pictures in this book transport my imagination right back in time to the 1920s. I’ve posted some of these fascinating vintage fashion photos here on this website, and I hope you’ll find them as enjoyable to look at as I do.

I deeply regret having sold my original copy of this rare and hard-to-find pattern book. I am totally kicking myself over that decision now — because of all the bead crochet purse patterns I’ve owned, these are the ones I currently want to work most.

5. Virginia Snow’s Authority on Beaded Bags

This is another 1920s era book featuring flapper-style beaded purse patterns and jewelry designs.

Not all vintage bags are beaded bags — so if you want to find more original sources of vintage purse patterns, with or without beads, be sure to check out our list of vintage crochet purse patterns.

One Newer Beaded Bag Pattern You Might Like to Know About:

While I am on the topic of beaded bags, you might also want to check out this free crochet pattern for a beaded cell phone bag. No, it isn’t antique, obviously, but perhaps you’ll enjoy it anyway.

Thanks for dropping by! I hope you are having a delightfully creative day.

Where to Get Free Vintage and New Knit and Crochet Edging Patterns

This list of free knit and crochet edging patterns includes 77+ different choices — some for contemporary edgings, and some for vintage edgings. Some of the edgings are simple and some are fancy; some are easy and some are challenging. There’s a fantastic mix of trims, borders and edgings — a little something for everyone.

If you’re looking for blanket edgings, that page isn’t the most helpful possibility, just because you’d also have to wade through all the patterns that don’t have corners. If you need a pattern with a corner, check out this page of crochet borders for blankets. The page features links to free patterns for different blanket edgings that have corners, plus insights to help you crochet blanket borders more easily.

Free Crochet Patterns for Flower Appliques

Would you like to learn how to crochet flowers? If so, you’ll probably appreciate these free crochet flower patterns. There are a variety of different flower patterns listed; some of them are sunflowers, some are daisies, and some are abstract flowers that could be layered together, used separately or interpreted in different ways. Enjoy!

Antique-Crochet.com Site Update: Royal Society Crochet Lessons Book 9

Royal Society Crochet Lessons Book No 9 Dated 1917
Royal Society Crochet Lessons Book No. 9 contains numerous outstanding patterns. The book is dated 1917. It was published by the H.E. Verran Company. I’ve updated the antique-crochet.com site with an entire page about this book. The page features lots of photographs of the various crochet patterns in the book, plus a brief listing of patterns and contents. The rest of the book is as delightful as the cover is, so I hope you’ll check it out!

New Update! The March 1902 Delineator Magazine

Fashion From 1902Antique Color Plate Showing Fashion Accessories and Millinery, Circa 1902

I couldn’t resist posting a new page about this lovely antique magazine, even though there aren’t actually any crochet patterns in this particular issue. There are lots of other needlework patterns though; there’s a knitting pattern, and a significant amount of information about lace making and related projects. The March 1902 Delineator has 4 gorgeous color plates. You can see them all, plus lots of other photos too, if you click here.

Thanks for visiting!

New Site Update: A Web Page About the Star Yoke Book From 1921

Front Cover of the Star Yoke Book From 1921Front Cover of the Star Yoke Book From 1921

I’ve updated the web site with a new page about another old crochet book: The Star Yoke Book, published by the American Thread Company in 1921. There are some gorgeous vintage crochet patterns in this book; most of the patterns are for crocheted nightgown yokes. One yoke is intricate Irish crochet; some others are filet crochet. There are also some knitting and tatting patterns too. My favorite photo from the entire book is a lacy ribbon trimmed knit camisole. Here’s a picture of it:

Front Cover of the Star Yoke Book From 1921

You will find more photos and information on the new Star Yoke Book page; please click here to see it. Enjoy!

Thanks for visiting!

Deep Discounts on Amazing Crochet Pattern Books

My pattern collection consists mostly of vintage crochet patterns. However, I enjoy crochet patterns from every era, and there are many up-to-date, contemporary crochet pattern books that I own and recommend. I bring this up because right now, the folks at Interweave Press are having a massive book sale. I noticed that some of my favorite titles are being offered at really attractive prices.

Anyone who appreciates fine crochet work and has the patience for working vintage crochet patterns is likely to also enjoy working the lovely patterns in Kristin Omdahl’s book, Crochet So Fine.

Seamless Crochet is another captivating crochet book by Kristin Omdahl that I highly recommend to vintage crochet enthusiasts — but only those of you who are willing to wander out of your comfort zones.

You’ve probably crocheted zillions of motifs, and woven in a least twice as many ends. If you’re willing to try a new approach — one with a whole lot less end-weaving, but with some additional mind-bending along the way, then this book is for you.

I’m bummed out to see that one of my favorite crochet books, The Beaded Edge, is out of stock. BOOO! 🙁 But there is a sequel! YAY! I just found out about the Beaded Edge 2. It looks like a beautiful book.

These are just a couple of noteworthy sale items that caught my eye. I own the Kristin Omdahl books already, and I thought they were worth the money at their full prices. My opinion: you really can’t go wrong by buying them at these deeply discounted prices. There are so many other amazing books that look like good buys at these ultra-low prices that I scarcely know where to start. I hope you’ll check ’em out.

More antique-crochet.com site updates

Hello crochet-loving friends!

I am once again writing with an apology about the appearance of this web site. I just installed a new WordPress plugin that will hopefully help me to make the site more “international-friendly”. (For those who don’t know, wordpress is blog software, in case you were wondering.) Unfortunately, the plugin also seems to have caused all the formatting on the web site to have disappeared. Honestly, I do know how to use line breaks, but you wouldn’t know it to look at this web site right now…


Sorry about that! It will take me some time to fix the problem. Sorry if you are inconvenienced by pages that look like a mess.

Antique Jewelry Ebay Auction With Gold Silver and, Oddly Enough, Crochet

Updated June 9, ’08: The auction that I posted about has ended. The final price was $505.98.


Now THAT’S an ebay auction! Does the word “WOW” mean anything to you??! OK, the auction lot does actually have a tiny bit of antique crochet lace included in it…somewhere. Honestly, it does, that’s how I found the auction in the first place. I was doing a search for antique crochet. 😀 The crochet work seems largely irrelevant to all the other amazing baubles and beauties included in the auction, but I still thought you’d probably enjoy taking a look at the auction. I’m telling you, this is window shopping at its finest. I soooo envy the winner of this one.

(No other crochet that I saw, but even so that seller’s other items are worth a look too– this is the prettiest collection of vintage jewelry I’ve seen so far this week.)

UPDATE! Wow, it gets even better! When I originally posted about this auction it had a buy it now price on it. I can’t remember exactly what the price originally was, but it was over $1,000 (US.) Now it appears that the auction was restarted with a 99 cent opening bid. Insane! I am feeling kind of anxious for the seller at this point, because that kind of auction is such a gamble. You never know where the bidding will end up. On the other hand I am also feeling thrilled for whoever the winner ends up being.

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