Plans For the Future

I’ve been working on updating the antique crochet site, but am sorry to say that it’s still a bit of a mess. I’m starting to realize what an overwhelming amount of information I have to share. On the bright side, this site is going to be an amazing resource for crochet enthusiasts when the information is all organized and uploaded! On the down side, there is A LOT of organizing to do. Complicating the issue is the fact that all my crochet patterns, photos, articles, and pattern book descriptions have been collected over a time span of 8 years (not to mention that over the years they’ve been stored on 4 different computers, various hard drives, and a multitude of CD roms, so collecting all the data into one place is taking some time.)

In the meanwhile, there are temporarily going to be pages that have no photos; there are going to be pages with photos that have no descriptive text; and then there are going to be pages that have nothing more than “coming soon” on them. When the site is finished, my goal is to have every resource complete with photos, descriptive text, and links to any helpful external sources, plus information on where to buy a particular crochet pattern or resource (if applicable.) So, if you stumble onto this site before all that comes together, I’d really encourage you to bookmark the site or add the blog to your feed reader and check back. I’ll be attempting to add all my site updates to the blog as soon as they are ready.

(I didn’t add yesterday’s or today’s updates because I keep changing them around! But I think I finally found some wordpress plugins that have made the site navigation more manageable.)

Thanks so much for your interest in the site. I really hope that it will be an enjoyable resource when it is complete.

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