December 1924 Modern Priscilla Magazine

Here we have the December 1924 issue of “Modern Priscilla”- Home needlework, everyday housekeeping, magazine. It is 56 pages long and illustrated in both color and black and white. It has lots of fantastic articles, arts and crafts projects and ideas, recipes, home economics tips, and ads, all done in the charming style of the roaring 20’s. Lots of Art Deco appeal in these pages- great flapper fashions and accessories!

In my opinion, the highlight of this issue is the article called “These handsome bags are knitted of silk and beads“. It features patterns for making 3 different beaded purses. Quoting a bit from the article: “Everywhere one meets Dame Fashion she is carrying a beaded bag! Sometimes it is an elaborately embroidered one, often a delightful crocheted one, more often than not one of the new knitted models entirely encrusted with beads, as are the very handsome ones pictured here. These bags were selected because they are really beautiful and because the average knitter will not find them too intricate to make with ease.”The captions accompanying the bags say “Of glass beads and crystal bugles”, “fringed with gold brown crystal beads”, and “fan pattern in bronze iridescent beads”.The bags are absolutely charming! Complete instructions for making them are included. If you like bead knitting, these are projects worthy of your creative energy.There are lots of other interesting articles and projects in this issue as well, including:

  • Making Dainty Dress Accessories by Mary T Clark, who was an instructor of advanced dressmaking at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn;
  • Color As It Applies to the Individual; No 1 of a notable series of articles on hat making
  • Diminutive Reed Furniture For Dolly’s Sun Parlor; Fit for the queen’s doll house but costing next to nothing if made from leftovers;
  • Embroideries in Color for Dining and Living Rooms
  • Crocheted trims for your new dining room linens– medallions fashioned in process of work make charming lacy edgings- gorgeous crochet patterns!
  • Small crocheted gifts to carry seasonable greetings
  • Crocheted pillows of silk and wool, decorated in cross stitch with wools
  • Our adopted bride’s tested Christmas dinner menu
  • Gay papers for lamp shades and gift making
  • Fireplace, mantel and overmantel form the soul of the home
  • Ununsual Christmas gifts for the whole family
  • Rare old Jacobean embroideries may be reproduced for modern homes by lovers of fine needlework
  • More!

Full page ads include:

  • Butterick Patterns,
  • Campbell’s Soup (vegetable Campbells soup);
  • Sun-Maid raisins; (featuring recipes for Christmas candies- raisin bonbons, raisin penuche, raisin caramels- yummy!);
  • Hoover vacuum cleaner;
  • 1847 Roger Bros. Silverplate/ silverware;
  • Nashua blankets (illustration shows bed blanket and throw blanket in the room of J.M. Crannel at Yale University);
  • Modern Priscilla Cook Book;
  • Diamond Walnuts, California’s Finest;
  • and Victrola no. 360.

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