The Delineator

This magazine is “The Delineator: A Journal of Fashion, Culture, and Fine Arts“. It was published by the Butterick Publishing Company. The original cover price was only 15 cents!

This magazine was noted for lovely fashion illustrations. Some issues even had color plates. In the Delineator, you will find pictures of many garments that Butterick actually made patterns for. So if you find an outfit you like when you look through the magazine, there is a chance you could find it on ebay (or at a flea market or antique store). I guess in a way this publication was sort of like the Victorian version of “Butterick Patterns”, only a much better version because it had so much more than just fashion.

View More in-Depth Descriptions and Photos of Individual Issues of The Delineator Magazine:

Here is a list of issues of the Delineator Magazine that I have owned. Clicking these links will take you to descriptions of each issue, including information about the crochet and needlework patterns they contained, plus photographs of the fashion illustrations, and information about the articles, ads and other contents.

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