Star Needlework Journal Vol. 9 No. 4 From 1924

Front Cover of Start Needlework Journal Vol 9 No 4 picturing fashionable 1920's bags and millinery
A pattern book dated 1924, featuring:

  • an alphabet chart for filet crochet or embroidery
  • patterns for filet crochet edgings and corners
  • fancy decorative crocheted edgings
  • a crochet luncheon or buffet set
  • knit and crochet baby items, including an Irish crochet bonnet
  • tatting
  • embroidery inspiration
  • authentic flapper era bags and millinery
  • more. (You can scroll down to see a more detailed list of contents.)

The original cover price was only 10 cents! This issue has some spectacular patterns for knitting, cross stitch, tatting and crocheting plus some amazing inspiration for embroidery as well.

Quoting from the editor’s page of the magazine:

“Though it may seem early, this issue of the Star Needlework Journal brings to you our Christmas greeting and message of good cheer. Because our greeting is so early, the need that it be practical is all the greater, and this we can best do by giving you as many suggestions for Christmas gifts as possible. To begin with, there are several pages of crocheted edgings suitable for most purposes, one of which is sure to be just what you want to finish a towel, pillow case or some such gift which you have already decided will be appropriate for a particular friend…Gifts for baby are as varied as they are interesting from the little bibs on page 19 which can be fashioned in a few minutes to the Irish crocheted bonnet, which requires both more patience and skill. The alphabet on page 14 will be found exceptionally usedful in giving that personal touch for which we all strive in preparing our gifts, and it can be worked in filet crochet or cross stitch, as one desires…”

Contents of Star Needlework Journal Vol. 9 No. 4:

  • For Those Who Prefer Filet Crochet
  • Edgings For Scalloped Pillow Cases- in crochet
  • To Finish the Handmade Christmas Gift- more crocheted edgings
  • Edgings With and Without Tassels- crocheted
  • At Times a Few Stitches Serve Abundantly- Embroidery
  • A Suggestion For An Artistic Bedroom- A Bedspread in Embroidery
  • Variations of the Same Design- tatting- yoke & scarf end.
  • For Luncheon or Buffet Set- crochet
  • When Gifts Are Made With a Tatting Shuttle-
    • edgings & motifs- great for garments, linens, towels, hankies
  • Gifts To Bring Joy To the College Girl- This article has pictures of the cutest vintage bags- very flapper style. Both bags are drawstring style with adorable embroidered touches. Also this article has pictures of a sweet, dainty handkerchief case.
  • Embroidery is a Leading Fashion Note- scarf and hat
  • Gifts For Baby’s Christmas-
    • Bonnet,
    • Infant Clothes hanger
  • A Working Diagram of a Cross-Stitch or Filet Crochet- This font is sleek and classic. Has all the letters in Caps plus lower case, as well as a couple border variations. Use these to design your own sampler!
  • Every Baby Needs Garments of This Kind- knitting patterns for baby sweater and cap and a crochet pattern for moccasins (so cute! Basically they are little tasseled slippers.)
  • A Gift Which Will Bring Joy to the Homemaker- table linens/luncheon set with embroidery details.
  • Curtains Sheer and Dainty- embroidered
  • A Basket of Posies- scarf and napkins with embroidered details
  • Dinner Tastes Better When One Wears Such a Bib- adorable baby bibs- one has a cottage motif, one has a comical bird, and one looks like maybe humpty dumpty.

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Filet Crochet Corners From Star Needlwork Journal Vol. 9 No. 4 Filet Crochet Edgings From Star Needlework Journal Vol. 9 No. 4

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