October 1933 Needlecraft Magazine

A Vintage Art Deco Era Magazine With Crochet, Knitting and Needlework Patterns, Including a Pattern For a Spectacular Filet Crochet Table Linen by Mary Card

Pictured here is the October 1933 issue of Needlecraft Magazine. The original price of this issue was only ten cents. The cover illustration is gorgeous- it features a dark-haired Native American maiden, clutching a bow and arrow. She is richly dressed. In the background is her tribe, with teepees, waterfall and forest. The caption reads “Minnehaha” and the cover art is signed Georgiana Harbeson.

This issue contains an article by Mary Card, who, in my opinion, was the greatest crochet designer of all time. Mary Card’s designs are consistently AMAZING! It was her work that really got me interested in these old issues of Needlecraft magazine to start with. I cannot rave enough about the quality of her work!

Her article in this issue is called ”Briar Roses in Filet Crochet- An Attractive Mat For a Tray Or Occasional Table”. This piece is dramatic and timeless- it would be as beautiful and appropriate in homes of today, as it was when the pattern was first published. The finished mat measures about 14 by 19 inches. The article shows a picture of the finished tablecloth, plus there is a chart for working the design. There are written instructions for the crochet work. This is a highly recommended pattern for crochet-ers who appreciate finely detailed workmanship and the quality of antique patterns!

Here are some other interesting photos of the craft projects, ads and contents from the October 1933 Needlecraft Magazine:

And here are some highlights from the articles and contents of this fascinating vintage Needlecraft back issue:

  • An interesting article in this issue is called “Home Arts With The Girl Scouts”. There are 2 pictures, courtesy of the girl scouts. Great nostalgic article for anyone with fond girl scout memories!
  • ”Living Room Gift Linens”- oblong mat, 34 inch runner, 43 inch runner, 27 inch runner, and cushion are all pictured, with descriptive text.
  • Suggestions For Fall bazaars- cute Sunbonnet Sue and other lovely designs.
  • The favorite Leaf-Motif For a Knitted Coverlet- this design is a familiar traditional favorite. If you have wanted to try your hand at knitting an old-fashioned bedspread from counterpanes, here’s a great pattern for you. There are actually 2 variations given, so you can either alternate them, or pick your favorite. There is also a design for a border, which is absolutely yummy! It is a deep border made of lace- absolutely outstanding, and unmistakeably vintage.
  • Gay peasant stitchery- these projects are really cute and they look so vintage! My favorite is called “The Goose Girl”. It reminds me of a vintage sampler, only it has been made up into a pillow, and there is only a picture- no text or alphabet like a sampler would have. They describe it as “A delightful small cushion worked in crewels, all cross-stitch and single stitch. Colorful and quaint”.
  • ”Machine Craft Offers Endless Opportunity for Decorative Treatment”- projects on this page include party bag, beret, & rug in log cabin design.
  • Cooking- in this issue’s “Food Facts For Home Folks” column you will find recipes for gingerbread upside-down cake, corn chowder, a Halloween salad, and more- plus a few menus for fifty people, if you have a club party to give.
  • ”Collar and Cuffs of Boucle Lace”- this is an elegant crochet set.
  • ”An Embroidery Club For Girls”- this is a regular column. The illustrations in this issue are adorable! There is a drawing of Mrs. Peter Pumpkin Eater that is just too cute.
  • Vintage Fashion Illustrations- some dresses, some lingerie.
  • There are some cool vintage ads in this issue-
    • advertising includes a color ad for Lucky Strike Cigarettes on the back cover;
    • a partial page ad for booklets & leaflets from the Spool Cotton Company;
    • A partial page ad for Lux soap;
    • a partial page ad for the American Thread Company;
    • A partial page ad for Singer Craft from the Singer sewing machine company;
    • a partial page ad for Startex Towels;
    • a partial page ad for Mountain Mist quilting cotton;
    • a partial page ad for LA France soap flakes;
    • a partial page ad for D.M.C.;
    • a partial page ad, in comic-strip style, for Rinso soap;
    • and a full page ad on the inside front cover for Listerine (this one is different than all the others I have seen- the caption reads “How To Keep Your Hair Beautiful and Free From Dandruff”. Who knew Listerine could do that?)

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