May 1921 Needlecraft Magazine

An Art Deco Era Magazine With Crochet Patterns For Flapper Style Purses and Bags, Plus a Gorgeous Pattern For a Filet Crochet Table Linen by Mary Card

This web page is dedicated to the May 1921 issue of Needlecraft Magazine . The original price of this issue was only ten cents. The cover illustration shows a striking black tablecloth with vintage baskets of roses. I am sorry to say that my copy is not in very good condition, but hopefully you will be able to overlook that enough to enjoy these photos and appreciate the artistry in these lovely old patterns.

This issue of Needlecraft Magazine contains an article by Mary Card. Mary Card was an extraordinarily talented designer. During the course of her career, she authored both crochet pattern books and individual charts and patterns. Many of her designs also appeared in Needlecraft Magazine in the 1910’s, 20’s & 30’s. (please see my Mary Card web page for more!) Mary Card’s designs are consistently imaginative, beautiful, creative, well-thought-out, well-designed, and SPECTACULAR! It was her work that really got me interested in these old issues of Needlecraft magazine to start with. I cannot rave enough about the quality of her work!
Mary’s project in this issue is called “A Cover For Your Dressing Table, Wistaria (Wisteria?) Design”. This project is made using filet crochet, which makes for a relatively easy project. The most exciting part is that the charts for working both the edging and the insertion are given in the magazine- making it even easier. Written instructions for the crochet work are also included which is helpful as well.

That project is definitely a showstopper, but it is not the only outstanding crochet pattern in this issue of needlecraft- in fact if you like antique crochet patterns this is a highly recommended issue. There are 4 gorgeous handbag/purse/bag patters in this issue and 3 of them are crocheted (the other is knit).

There are many beautiful lace centerpieces (large doilies) that are crocheted as well. There is an eye-catching art deco scarf end to crochet, and another more traditional scarf-end that they refer to as “Pomona Design”- it is a bowl of fruit motif in filet crochet- pears, grapes, cherries, plums, etc. Lots of linens too- napkins (the corners are filet crochet- chart given.) Then there is a crochet imitation of Torchon lace- there are 2 different versions- the first is an edging and the second is an insertion- and both have turned corners, so you can use them on tablecloths, towels, bedspreads, or whatever else strikes your fancy. These projects would look great in a cottage chic, traditional, shabby romantic, eclectic, or Victorian style interior design environment.For lacemaking enthusiasts, there is a wonderful article called “A Handsome Doublet or Overblouse in Real Filet, with a First Lesson in Netting”. This article includes diagrams that show hand positions in netting as well as different netted examples & tools for netting. Then there are photos of the actual project- the overblouse is sweet and very romantic- so Edwardian! There is also a close-up detail of the roses motif on the front of the blouse.

There are lovely tatting projects in this issue as well- a runner for table or dresser, with tatted edge and ends; plus a camisole yoke in modern tatting.The only knitting project I found in this issue was the knitted bag I already mentioned, but it is a really pretty one, and the knitting is easy. I think most knitters could make short work of this little project and be very happy with the finished product.Fashion illustrationsGreat vintage advertising- There are ads for Belding silk embroidery; college girl corsets; Hartman furniture & Carpet Company; Nufashond Rickrack book for 1921; Heminway texto yarn; Fairy soap; Royal Sociey Embroidery Package outfits; Keds shoes; Cream of Wheat (Uncle Tom’s Cabin); and others.

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