January 1930 Needlecraft Magazine

An Art Deco Era Magazine With Crochet, Knitting and Needlecraft Patterns, Including a Spectacular Morning Glory Luncheon Cloth Crochet Pattern by Mary Card

This is the January 1930 issue of Needlecraft The Magazine of the Home Arts . The original price of this issue was only ten cents. The cover art is gorgeous; it features a colorful illustration by Reginald P. Ward. The illustration shows a charming maiden working on her embroidery; a mother cat with her kittens are curled at her feet. The caption reads “Tambour Embroidery- Victorian Era”…utterly charming, and pretty enough to frame!

The highlight of this issue is the Morning Glory Luncheon Cloth crochet pattern by Mary Card. Wow, wow, wow. Take a look! I think you’ll agree that it is spectacular. This tablecloth is dramatic and timeless- it would be as beautiful and appropriate in homes of today, as it was when the pattern was first published. The finished table cloth measures 45 inches square. A large part of the beauty of the design is the contrast between the plain linen or cotton center, and the delightful, dramatic crocheted floral border. The article shows a picture of the finished tablecloth. There are written instructions for the crochet work, but the chart for working is not included. This is a highly recommended pattern for crochet-ers who appreciate finely detailed workmanship and the quality of antique patterns!

That is not the only amazing crochet pattern in this issue of Needlecraft; there are others as well, most notably, An Attractive Chair Set in Filet Crochet- Peacock Motif with art deco style tassels.

Plus Altar Lace- gorgeous filet crochet with cross motifs, monogram, and flowers- possibly lilies.
And also Hot Dish Mats

Some of the other crafts, projects, articles and inspiration in this issue are:

The Coming of the Sewing Machine

An Iridescent Table For the Bridge Luncheon

Refreshment Sets That Are Delightfully Different

Cutwork Tulips For the Refreshment Table

Cross-Stitch Developed in Varied Threads

The Making of Hooked Rugs is Always in Vogue

A charming triad of Dresser Scarfs- 3 designs, 2 of which are cutwork and the other one is embroidered.

Seen in the Shops on Fifth Avenue- has gorgeous jewelry illustrations but covers both clothing and accessories

  • A Warm little hood
  • New and Popular Crocheted Beret
  • Linens For the Bridge-Luncheon Table- embroidery techniques
  • A Cross-Stitch Sampler For a Young Girl’s Room- features a colorful chart for working as well as written instructions, and even an inspirational poem.

This issue contains a couple pages with fashion illustrations that were printed in black, white and red. The illustrations of these dramatic flapper style dresses are great inspiration for modern-day fashion designers, theatre costume designers, fashion historians, and vintage clothes-hounds.

Cooking- this issue contains an article called “Food Facts For Home Folks”. This one is a really good one, with old-fashioned dessert recipes as the highlight. Forget your Atkins diet long enough to whip up Orange Pies, African Lemon Cakes or Oatmeal Cocoanut Cookies. Also of interest- a week of winter menus for every day and Sunday.

This magazine has numerous wonderful old ads that are lots of fun to read through.

Some highlights include:

The inside front cover, which is a color ad for Uneeda Bakers.

The back cover is a color ad for Camel Turkish & Domestic Blend Cigarettes.

And more!

Where To Buy the January 1930 Issue of Needlecraft Magazine:

Find this book at Biblio.com.


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