December 1931 Needlecraft Magazine

Featured here is the December 1931 issue of Needlecraft- The Magazine of the Home Arts. The original price of this issue was only ten cents. The cover illustration is gorgeous. Quoting from the magazine-

“The cover design of the month brings you greetings from Needlecraft and the good wish that the blessedness of the Christmastide may be yours during the months to come. It is altogether fitting that this greeting should be the picturization of a cleverly-executed piece of needlework- one which you can easily copy for yourself if you like…” .

It goes on to describe the crewel work and the description will prove helpful if you want to make this piece for yourself. The cover art is signed Georgiana Harbeson.

This issue contains an article by Mary Card, who, in my opinion, was the greatest crochet designer of all time. She was from Australia and had published several books, some in Australia and some in the USA (perhaps other countries too I am not certain). Many of her designs also appeared in Needlecraft Magazine in the 1910’s, 20’s & 30’s. (please visit my “Mary Card” web page to see more of them.) Mary Card’s designs are consistently imaginative, beautiful, creative, well-thought-out, well-designed, and SPECTACULAR! It was her work that really got me interested in these old issues of Needlecraft magazine to start with. I cannot rave enough about the quality of her work!Her article in this issue is called ”Chair Set in Filet-Crochet- Holly and Bird Design”. This set is dramatic and timeless! A chair set might or might not be something you would actually use in your home today, but I think these pieces would work equally well as doilies or centerpieces. The design is particularly Christmas-y, and if you are looking for patterns for holiday decorating, entertaining, or gift-giving, this is a perfect choice. The article includes a bit about Mary’s inspiration for the set, plus a photo of the finished set, plus written instructions for crocheting it.
A big part of this issue is devoted to gifts you can make, and gift-giving. There are “Last Minute Christmas Suggestions”- some of these projects don’t look too last-minute to me- one of them is a cross-stitch sampler, shown here:
There are also pot holders, a handkerchief case, a garment protector (very art deco in design) and a pincushion.Then there are “Useful Gifts For the Family Pets”- the article is accompanied by some adorable illustrations including a dog snuggled up with his little daisy cushion. There is also an article called “Gifts Little-Girl Can Make For All the Family. I’ve shown a bunch of photos below so you can get a better idea of what these projects look like.

Vintage toy collectors should be thrilled with the contents in this issue. One article called “Unbreakable Homemade Toys Possess Great Charm For the Youngest Generation” has crochet patterns for vintage doll clothes. Then there is another article called “Stufties For Little Christmas Stockings” which has cute stuffed animals to make- a giraffe, a clown, a frog, a humpty-dumpty, and a parrot bird.Other interesting articles, projects and inspirations include:

  • How to Dress The Bed
  • Adorable Hooked Table-Mats From Discarded Silken Things
  • Cooking- The “Food Facts For Home Folks” regular column in this issue focuses on Christmas baking & dinner, so if you are into good old-fashioned home cooking, you will love this one. Recipes include lots of cookies- fruit cookies (substitute for fruitcake); orange nut cookies; alnut date slices; Maine Muster Gingerbread; Navy Rescue Oatmeal Date cookies; sugar cookies; Harlequin filled cookies; chocolate cookies; coconut cookies; butterscotch cookies; sour cream butterscotch; peanut butter wafers; and more. There are also 4 different menus for Christmas dinner, for your consideration. If you like them you could even try one out this year!
  • Fannie Hurst- A Famous Author Is Also an Amateur Decorator
  • Cutwork Motifs For Pillow Slips
  • Two Charming Christmas Aprons- these are shown in charming fashion illustrations. Both are full/bib style aprons.
  • Fashion illustrations
  • A Duo of Bags For the Personal Laundry- cute laundry bags, one with Geishas and one with a blossom trellis.
  • Flower Favorites For Holiday Hankies
  • Fashion Illustrations

Where To Buy the December 1931 Issue of Needlecraft Magazine:

When I checked Biblio, there was a copy for sale. Click Here to find this issue at Biblio.

If there are any copies listed for auction on ebay, they should appear below. If not, you will see a message about “no items” being returned for your keywords. You can also click here to check ebay stores.

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