May 1915 Home Needlework Magazine

The May 1915 Home Needlework Magazine Features Needlework Patterns Including Cutwork Embroidery, a Filet Crochet Bag Pattern With Rose Design and More
The May 1915 Home Needlework Magazine Features Needlework Patterns Including Cutwork Embroidery, a Filet Crochet Bag Pattern With Rose Design and More

The May 1915 issue of Home Needlework Magazine is a fascinating Edwardian era publication that contains a dazzling array of crafts and needlework projects & ideas- sewing, embroidery, cutwork, crochet, tatting, china/porcelain painting and more. This issue contains some authentic art nouveau and arts and crafts style designs. It is a lovely magazine to look through, and I think that anyone with an interest in crochet, knitting, crafts, antiques, interior design, vintage clothing, theatre & costuming, re-enacting, antique & textiles, trims, or the needle arts will enjoy reading it.

The first illustration in this issue is a lovely photo of a woman. The caption reads “A Handsome Cashmere Negligee”. It is beautiful!

One of the highlights of this magazine is the article called ”A Crocheted Bedspread”, which includes the patterns for crocheting the bedspread squares as well as the lace edging with mitered corners. This is a lovely pattern. If you’re looking for an heirloom quality bed spread pattern to crochet, this one is a good choice.

Next is an article called “Marking Household Linens” which features monograms in embroidery. Some of these designs are very “arts and crafts” in appearance, and would work great in a Craftsman style bungalow interior.

Next is a design called “A Pompadour Rose Centrepiece”.

”Embroideries For Little Folks”- These are all baby projects. Some of the items include a Baby’s Bonnet; sheet and pillow slip for baby’s crib; baby towel; laundry bag for baby; sun hat for a 2 year old; baby’s bootees; and child’s pique coat.

Vintage Filet Crochet Purse Pattern With Rose Design
Vintage Filet Crochet Purse Pattern With Rose Design

“New Patterns in filet crochet”- Towel with rose insertion (includes chart for crocheting the insertion); scarf in bird design; bib to match scarf; purse/bag/handbag in tea rose design; table runner with crochet insertion; towel with tulip insertion.

“Neckwear and Waists”

”A Handsome Cutwork Scarf”- this is shown in color on the cover of the magazine- it is exquisite. This page shows a detail of how the work should be stitched (it’s worked using buttonhole stitch), and the diagram is really helpful if you’re going to attempt any cutwork by hand.

“Dress With Filet Crochet Panel”. This is lovely, quaint, old-fashioned and charming. Written instructions are included for making it, plus the photo of it is clear and nice, but there is no working chart.

Dining Room Embroideries- bungalow luncheon set, two oval platter doilies, etc.

”Tatting For Household Use”- Projects include Centerpiece with tatted border; towel with tatting and braid; Clover leaf insertion; and doily with edge of tatting and rickrack braid. (This is spectacular!)

French Knot Embroideries For the Veranda

Crochet For the Baby– Patterns include Kimono in Star Stitch and Crochet Shoe.

”Bedroom Embroideries”- Illustrations show Centerpiece, Dresser Scarf, Pincushion, and Laundry Bag.

”Apple Blossom Design For China”

”Baby’s Crocheted Sacque”

”An Embroidered Corset Cover and Gown”

”Cases For the Traveler”- these are simple geometric designs, but the look is very “Arts & Crafts”. Photos show Case for small towel; tooth brush case; wash cloth case; and soap case.

”Crocheted Bungalow Centerpiece”- made of heavy linen and crochet- includes pattern for crocheting.

”Crocheted Covers For Flower Holders”- the designs in this article were made with foundations of olive bottles, but any similar bottles may be used.

”Crocheted Fobs”

Plus lots of wonderful old ads! Some of the antique advertising you will find in this issue:

The inside front cover is a full-page ad for Priscilla Crochet Books. The inside back cover is an ad for the Modern Priscilla Magazine published by the Priscilla Publishing Co. The back cover is an ad for a Hat made of Royal Society Cordichet There is a full page ad for Richardson Silk Co’s Bath Set For Baby. The rest of the ads are partial page ads- Eagle crochet cotton; Venus Cabinet Dress Form; more.

That’s my summary of the contents of the May 1915 issue of Home Needlework Magazine. This is an excellent publication for anyone who enjoys vintage crochet patterns and other types of needlework.

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