Home Needlework Magazine January 1903

Featuring Antique Embroidery Patterns, Spectacular Beaded Crochet Bags, and Much More!

Shown here is the Home Needlework Magazine dated January, 1903. The book has plentiful illustrations; there are 4 pages in full color, the rest are in black and white. In this book are lots of lovely needlecraft projects including:

  • beaded floral opera & reticule bags~ quoting from the book~ “3 designs for antique bags”- so if the patterns were antiques in 1903, they must be really old! The charts for these are given. The instructions are also given. The instructions give what order to string the beads. I had a hard time determining whether these were worked in knitting or crochet. I came to the conclusion that they are crochet after I found one line of instructions to begin with single crochet. I believe it will take an experienced beader to make sense of these instructions.
  • embroidered floral and botanical doilies in the art nouveau style
  • Embroidered shirt waists in the Edwardian style that is so popular with today’s antique clothing collectors; the illustrations in this book are lovely!
  • drawnwork
  • mountmellick embroidery
  • cable plait sweater in knitting
  • crochet needle book
  • embroidered sofa pillows with roses, florals, and other motifs
  • Gorgeous baby “nightingale” which looks to me like a very sweet, elaborate poncho or coat
  • more!

The book has some gorgeous ads as well! There is a full page advertisement with the cute Corticelli kitten~ he is tangled up in Corticelli spool silk thread and it says “Too strong to break”. He can’t get untangled~ poor little guy.

There is another full page ad for Craddock’s Medicated blue soap, which shows illustrated X-mas (Christmas) playing cards.

There are other wonderful ads as well; the others are not full page.

Sorry to say that my photos are missing in action. I am working on trying to find them, and will add them as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding and patience!


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