Antique Sewing and Crochet Instruction Books on Ebay

This looks like a fantastic auction! Included in this lot are 4 different booklets, 2 of which are crochet books and 2 of which are sewing books. One of the crochet books is Corticelli Crochet Lessons Book #7. I have clearer photos of this book posted than the seller does, so if you’d like to see what’s actually in the pattern book hopefully you will find my page for the Corticelli book to be helpful. Please note that the copy offered at auction appears to be missing its cover, somewhat invalidating the seller’s claim of “very good condition” (although I wouldn’t expect that a seller would necessarily realize that the cover was missing on this particular type of book.) The other crochet book by Adeline Cordet is also one that I’ve owned before. I haven’t yet created a page on the site for that book yet, although it is on my to-do list. The patterns in that one are really nice too. I don’t think I’ve ever owned either of those sewing books before, but I think they look really interesting. Overall, looks to me like a great auction. Hard to tell how high the bidding will go, but right now, if you ask me, it’s seriously underpriced.

Update: This auction has ended. Thanks to some idiotic changes at ebay- the “advanced search” is not working for me at all- I am not able to find or link to the ended auction. Sorry about that; I wish I knew how it turned out!

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