Antique Needlework & Crochet Magazines

I’ve been working on creating some informational web pages about antique women’s magazines which featured needlework patterns, particularly crochet patterns. This isn’t a comprehensive list (yet) because I am focusing on my favorite publications- the ones that I am very familiar with and have in my own collection. However, I am hoping that these pages will be a fantastic resource for those who crochet, knit, make lace, tat, etc. I think that it will be helpful for other needleworkers to see photos and descriptions of various projects and patterns in the magazines before they decide whether or not to purchase the magazine. Most booksellers who sell these don’t make that information available, which I personally have found frustrating when trying to make a decision. In most cases I’ve just had to take a chance on buying, hoping I’d like whatever contents were inside. So, with that in mind, I am working on making more extensive information available to you for the publications that are my most favorite.

Please click here to view the page about Antique Women’s Magazines. This page gives a general description of which antique magazines I am currently featuring on the site. The page contains links to more information about each publication, if you happen to find one you are interested in learning more about. I anticipate that these pages will grow with time, so if antique magazines interest you, please check back periodically to see what has been added. Thanks for your interest! Your feedback is welcome, so please feel free to comment.

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