The Girl’s Own Indoor Book

The Girl’s Own Indoor Book, Containing Practical Help To Girls on All Matters Relating To Their Material Comfort and Moral Well Being. This book was edited by Charles Peters, and was published in 1892 by J.B. Lippincott Company of Philadelphia. There are over 150 illustrations in the book, and they are all outstanding.

Contents Include:

  • Frontispiece: Girlhood. Drawn by John C. Staples.
  • Introduction: By the Editor.
  • Chapter 1: Girlhood. By the author of “How To Be Happy Though Married”. Illustrated by W.J. Hennessy.
  • Chapter 2: Needlework. Full page plate by M. Ellen Edwards.
    • Plain Sewing, by Dora De Blaquiere. Illustrated by Fred Miller.
    • How To Embroider in Crewels by Dora Hope
    • Outline Embroidery by Dora Hope. Illustrated by Fred Miller.
    • Patterns For Knitting, by Marie Karger.
    • Sock and Stocking Knitting by Marie Karger.
    • How to Re-foot Stockings by Marie Karger.
    • Double Knitting by Marie Karger.
    • Plain Darning by Marie Karger.
    • Fancy Darning by Marie Karger.
    • Swiss Darning by Marie Karger.
    • Patterns For Crochet by Marie Karger.
    • Wool Crochet by Marie Karger.
    • Drawn Work by Blanche C. Saward.
    • Button-hole and satin stitch by Marie Karger.
    • Aprons by Dora De Blaquiere. Illustrated by Ellen Edwards.
    • More! Chapters on music, elocution, health, recreation, etiquette, cookery, literature, education, remunerative work, Girls’ allowances, “The Higher Life”, etc.

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