Encyclopedia of Needlework

by Therese de Dillmont (Th. de Dillmont)

1916 Advertisement for the Encyclopedia of Needlework

Shown here is an ad for the Encyclopedia of Needlework. This ad originally appeared in the March 1916 issue of Home Needlework Magazine. The ad copy says:

This book is perhaps the most complete volume on needlework ever published. Over 800 pages. It contains instructions for English, Renaissance, Richelieu, Venetian, Danish, Italian, Medieval, Persian, Gold and many other kinds of embroidery. It tells how to make the popular Macrame lace and Mexican drawn work. How to make superb Irish and filet crochet designs. In fact, practically every known style of needlework is treated in detail.

Hundreds of illustrations show how each and every stitch is made. There are many illustrations of completed pieces and also 13 beautiful full page color plates.

Bound in olive green cloth with gold-leaf top and silk marker. Price, 75 cents, carefully boxed and post-paid or given FREE of charge in return for two new subscriptions for Home Needlework Magazine.

Home Needlework Magazine, Southgate Bldg., Boston, Mass.

I’ve never actually owned a copy of this book, but I see it offered for sale online pretty frequently. Judging from the photos I’ve seen in the past, I’d say the book is well worth owning. Luckily the book is not all that rare, and has been reprinted multiple times, so it is not difficult to obtain a copy. Considering all the different editions available, it would be advisable to thoroughly read descriptions and be sure of which edition you’re getting, and the condition it’s in, before you make a purchase.

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