Antique Jewelry Ebay Auction With Gold Silver and, Oddly Enough, Crochet

Updated June 9, ’08: The auction that I posted about has ended. The final price was $505.98.


Now THAT’S an ebay auction! Does the word “WOW” mean anything to you??! OK, the auction lot does actually have a tiny bit of antique crochet lace included in it…somewhere. Honestly, it does, that’s how I found the auction in the first place. I was doing a search for antique crochet. 😀 The crochet work seems largely irrelevant to all the other amazing baubles and beauties included in the auction, but I still thought you’d probably enjoy taking a look at the auction. I’m telling you, this is window shopping at its finest. I soooo envy the winner of this one.

(No other crochet that I saw, but even so that seller’s other items are worth a look too– this is the prettiest collection of vintage jewelry I’ve seen so far this week.)

UPDATE! Wow, it gets even better! When I originally posted about this auction it had a buy it now price on it. I can’t remember exactly what the price originally was, but it was over $1,000 (US.) Now it appears that the auction was restarted with a 99 cent opening bid. Insane! I am feeling kind of anxious for the seller at this point, because that kind of auction is such a gamble. You never know where the bidding will end up. On the other hand I am also feeling thrilled for whoever the winner ends up being.

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