Site Update: New Page For the December 1931 Issue of Needlecraft Magazine

One of the highlights of the December 1931 Issue of Needlecraft Magazine: The gorgeous filet crochet pattern for a chair set designed by Mary Card. It’s pictured above. I just updated the site with a new page dedicated to this issue of the magazine, including lots more pictures plus a list of projects that are included in that issue. So rather than elaborating further I will just refer you to the page for more details. Click here to see more photos and needlework patterns from the December 1931 Needlecraft Magazine! Thanks for your interest. Hope you’ll enjoy the page!

Edited on 4/25/08 to add:

I just found an ebay seller who is auctioning what looks like a fantastic lot of 8 Needlecraft magazines from 1931, and this issue is one of them. Looks like a fantastic auction. Here’s the link for you.

If you’d rather have just this issue, there are a couple of sellers who have listed single copies for sale in their ebay stores at a fixed price. Both of these sellers ship worldwide, to the best of my knowledge.
Click Here to see Copy #1
Click Here to see Copy #2.

Edited on 3/24/08 to add: I just found an ebay seller who is offering an auction for 3 different Needlecraft magazine back issues, and this is one of the issues in the lot. I think it looks like a pretty good deal, so I thought I’d post and give y’all the “heads up”. Good luck if you decide to bid! This auction has ended.

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