Mary Card’s Crochet Book No. 1

Original Designs in Various Styles of Crochet

Here we have Mary Card’s Crochet Book number 1: Original Designs in Various Styles of Crochet, a spectacular antiquarian book containing gorgeous filet and Venetian crochet patterns for home decor items. This book is dated 1920, and its original price was 25 cents. The book has 34 pages not counting the covers or the title page.

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In my opinion Mary Card was one of the most talented crochet designers to ever be in print. Her work is amazing! Her designs are timeless classics; they are imaginative; they are never boring to work; they are never boring to look at; and they are consistently well-designed. The patterns in this book are no exception; they are exquisite!

Crochet Patterns and Projects include:

Honeysuckle border for table or supper cloth: worked in a variation of filet crochet that includes lacet stitches, this scalloped lace edging is a beauty! You could use it on a tablecloth, table linen, or bed linen, to suit your needs. Text instructions are given plus there is also a chart for working; the chart includes a turned corner, and the corner is very cleverly designed.

Honeysuckle insertion- uses the same motif as the border above, but the chart is slightly different. Whereas the chart as shown for the supper cloth (described above) is multi-directional, this chart is one-directional . What I mean by that is, it has a definite “up and down” to it. The photo shows this insertion as an essential part of a drapery, and the drapery could only logically be hung in one direction. This chart also has a turned corner and could possibly be adapted in other ways.

“Conventional Border”- shown as a square table linen- not sure if it is sized to be more of a table center or a doily, but it does include instructions for making the sides longer. Also includes suggestion for adapting to a bedspread border, so the pattern is very adaptable. The design is lovely!

Edging- multiple uses

Candleshade (could also be a small lampshade)- floral motif

Lily curtain in filet crochet- includes chart.

Conventional tray cloth- this design consists of 2 sensational floral designs in filet crochet. There is a vine with flowers that resemble tulips, and a motif with flowers that resemble a mixed bouquet. There are charts for both of these motifs, and they could be adapted to other uses. The flowers are so pretty yet so simple…they are really versatile!

“Handkerchief sachet”- this design features small triangular charts with 2 different motifs- a dragonfly and a butterfly. Mary writes that the triangles of the sachet can also be used as insets for tea cloths, etc. In my opinion they would lend themselves well to napkin corners, as napkins with hand-crocheted details are so popular among linen collectors right now. It is amazing how in-tune with today’s trends these designs are- both the dragonfly and the butterfly continue to be favorite motifs.

“Marguerite afternoon tea cloth”- this design is a showstopper! If you are looking for an heirloom quality table linen to make for a loved one, this is a good one to consider. It is classic, timeless, elegant, eye-catching, and pretty. It could actually be considered an elaborate edging as the center of the table is plain linen. There are 2 charts included for the working of this design, plus written instructions. The first chart is the corner; the tea cloth is worked by making 4 of the corners to attach to the center linen square. The second chart is an exquisite scalloped lace edging that is worked around the outer edge of the tea cloth. Both of these charts are worked using a variation of filet crochet that includes lacets. The crochet stitches used are not difficult, but the overall effect is a knockout.

Nut basket

Nightgown yoke

Scarf end- this is very 1920’s, with dainty tassels and a pretty bird motif. The birds could be bluebirds, doves, or parakeets, I’m not exactly sure which. You decide! They are surrounded by a lovely leafy motif. This design is typical of Mary Card’s imaginative style- she had a real knack for coming up with unique and exceptionally creative designs! Includes chart and written instructions. The design is worked in filet crochet variation which includes lacet stitch.

Afternoon tea cloth- this one has a very antique look to it. The inner motifs remind me of shields. I love the elaborate edging on this cloth. Again, there are 2 charts- one for the edging and one for the inner motifs. This is another one that has a linen center. The linen center on this one is an interesting shape. I don’t know the technical term for it, but it reminds me of a plus sign with the edges rounded. Again, it is a filet crochet variation with lacet stitch added.

“Dresser Set in Linen Crochet”- this is soooo pretty and elaborate, but will require some “legwork” and planning. The hard part isn’t the crochet, it is preparing the linen framework for the crochet. Rather than trying to describe this in detail, I will refer you to the photos. If you have the patience to mess with cutting out all those little lattices I think you’d have a spectacular finished project when you were done with it. The crochet is really gorgeous, and the design is unusual- definitely not something you see every day.

“Cushion Cover, St. George and the Dragon”- how Mary came up with this I will never even imagine. She amazes me. This is pictorial filet crochet at its finest. This design also includes lacets in addition to the open and closed meshes.

“Lacy Ribbon Doily”- this looks to me like Irish crochet. The design is a bit busy but not as busy as Irish crochet can get, and it looks to me like it is also not as dimensional as Irish crochet can get- the motifs appear flat. The look is very sweet and pretty.

“Handkerchief edgings”

“Linen Crochet Scroll Runner” with matching “Linen Crochet Scroll Centerpiece”- this set made my jaw drop when I saw it. If I didn’t know the lace to be crochet, I would think it were handmade bobbin lace. Both pieces are incredible. If you’re looking for a challenging project that will show off your crochet skill, this set is a good choice.

“Doily with heart shaped motif” & matching “Square mat”- more elaborate designs that at first glance look like handmade (non-crochet) lace.

“Linen Crochet Mat for Advanced Workers”- This too looks like handmade lace, or even cutwork. Quoting from the instructions, “this mat is worked upon an 8 inch square of linen, some of the threads of which are drawn out, while the rest form a padding for the cross-bands, giving strength and shapliness to the whole.” This is NOT a project for beginners! But if you have the patience for working this, you will be rewarded with an exquisite project unlike anything available in stores today! This linen is absolutely exquisite!

“Flat basket”

“Camisole Yoke” in filet crochet

“Square doily, Venetian design

“Star Border and Insertion”

“Venetian Lace and Insertion”

“Rose Lace”

“Cover for Flower Holder”

“Insertion for Yoke or Other Purposes”

There are 2 pages of ads for Mary Card’s giant filet crochet charts. There are lovely photos of 17 of the actual designs. The last page is an ad for “New Mary Card Designs in Needlecraft Magazine”.

Where To Buy Mary Card’s Crochet Book No. 1:

Originals of this book are not so easy to find, but it does occasionally come up for sale. Reproductions can be found more easily.

Click Here To Attempt To Find One on Ebay. (Good Luck!)

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