Royal Society Crochet Lessons Book No. 9: Crochet & Parasol

Here we have a spectacular book called “Royal Society Crochet Lessons” No 9, copyright 1917. This book is 42 pages long counting the back cover.

The page layouts in this book are stunning, and the cover is especially lovely. It depicts a beautiful young woman with her crocheted bag and parasol…how romantic! The bag and parasol are very pretty, and the instructions on how to crochet them are included. It even includes instructions for the pretty little tassels.

The cover model of the Royal Society Crochet Lessons Book No. 9 holds a delightful hand crocheted parasol. H.E. Verran Company Copyright Notice From 1917.
Introduction To the Royal Society Crochet Lessons Book No. 9 Antique Lingerie From 1917: Nightgown Yoke, Slippers and Boudoir Cap
Set of Antique Crocheted Butterfly Linens Fancy Ornate Crocheted Linens From the Royal Society Crochet Lessons Book No 9
Heirloom Needlework: Child's Dress and Cap From the Royal Society Crochet Lessons Book No. 9 Crochet Yokes From The Royal Society Crochet Lessons Book No 9 Dated 1917.
Textured Crochet Winter Baby Cap, Circa 1917 Intricate Crochet Set From the Royal Society Crochet Lessons Book No. 9
Pretty Crocheted Boudoir Pillow, Circa 1917
Antique Baby Set With Jacket, Cap and Booties, Circa 1917 Set of Antique Crocheted Linens With Rose Motif. Instructions For Crocheting Can Be Found in the Royal Society Crochet Lessons Book No. 9.
Scalloped Crochet Edgings For Towels Antique Ads and Advertising For Crochet Thread and Pattern Books From The Royal Society
Child's Beach Set on the Back Cover of Royal Society Crochet Lessons Book No 9.  

The Royal Society crochet books are all outstanding, and this one is no exception. Some of the projects included in this volume are as follows:

  • boudoir cap
  • Slippers~ if Victoria’s Secret had existed in 1917, you might have found such slippers there~ these are very “girly” and sweet, with low heels.
  • nightgown yokes~ about 5 of them
  • “Lunch Set” with butterfly motifs~ these butterflies are so beautifully done~ You’ll want to make a bunch!
  • Matching doily & table cover with filet crochet insertion & crochet edging; these are very nice.
  • My favorite! OOOOOOOHhhhhh this set is gorgeous~ it is a matched pillow & scarf set. The crochet work is very textural, and it is slightly reminiscent of cutwork, as there are so many open spaces. There are also bobbles in just the right places to add visual interest. It is a spectacular set…
  • Child’s Dress~ this very much resembles the style of something you’d see in heirloom sewing manuals, like Martha Pullen~ except the fine details are all crocheted. This is a definite winner! The dress is as lovely today as it was when it was first designed.
  • Child’s hat~ this sweet design is the perfect accessory to go with the child’s dress…it is just adorable.
  • Baby Winter Cap~ this looks warm, cozy, and so pretty for a little one to wear.
  • Pillow, Runner, and scrap basket matched set~ To me the “Scrap Basket” looks like it should be a pencil holder, but upon reading the instructions I decided that it’s too big for that…measurements given are 12 1/2″ high, and oval is 10 1/2 X 8 inches. So…it’s either a very oversized pencil holder…or an undersized wastebasket that is too pretty to ever put trash in…or maybe a laundry hamper for your dolls? Or maybe a hiding place for extra yarn (we all need those, right?) or ????????? If you ever make one, PLEASE email me to tell me what end use you put it to…I would just love to know! 🙂 Anyway it looks soooo cool! It has little hanging balls and is very elaborate.
  • The pillow and scarf are really amazing. They have the same little ball tassel thingies as an extra-special finishing touch.
  • Another pillow~ this one is smaller and sweeter, more in tune with the chic/shabby/cottage style look that is happening right now. This is worked in a style that is very similar to filet crochet, but the meshes are bigger. Also it has what they refer to as “spiders” (I don’t see them as spiders, I see them as being “flowers”) that appear raised; these add visual interest and take the design beyond pretty and into beautiful.
  • Baby coat, cap, and bootees~ these are more heirloom looks~ almost too pretty to actually dress a baby in~ no I take that back…they are perfect to dress a baby in! You’re only young once, so be young in style, right? 🙂 Again, these are made with a larger version of filet crochet. The coat is especially nice~ just gorgeous!
  • Another matched pillow and dresser scarf set~ the motif is a cluster of 3 roses; these are worked as a filet crochet panel with lacet stitch. You basically make 2 of these for the scarf and one for the pillow. The finishing touch is a very special fringed edging; instructions for this are also included, and you might want to try adding it to other linens also as it is very cool.
  • Towel edges~ 10 pretty but simple ones~ and of course you could also add them to hankies, placemats, pillowcases, lingerie, runners, scarves, napkins, or whatever else your heart desires.
  • The back cover is a “Beach Set” for 6 year size. It is modeled by a pretty young girl and is quite charming, although I must say it is not appropriate beach wear these days~ it looks more like a Sunday School dress to me! 🙂 The set consists of dress, hat, and purse, and it is very sweet.

This book also has ads for Royal society cordichet crochet cotton, and other Crochet Lessons books that were available from Royal Society.

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