Royal Society Crochet Book No. 17: An Art Deco Treasure With Flapper Fashion

I’m excited to present to you the Royal Society Crochet Book Number 17, Copyrighted 1921 by the H.E. Verran Co, New York. The original cover price of the book was only fifteen cents. This book measures 14 inches wide by 9 3/4 inches high, which is quite large compared to the other Royal Society Crochet books. It has 20 pages not counting the covers. The book is illustrated in black and white, with fantastic pictures of some truly lovely items that you can crochet and knit (mostly crochet).

Please click on any of the photos below for a close-up view.

The Front Cover.

The Back Cover.

Art Deco Linens With Egyptian Scarab Motif.

Art Deco Meets Shabby Chic.

Filet Crochet Linens.

Linens With Arabian Crochet Design.

Filet Crochet Linens.

Linens With Butterfly Motif.

Nightgown With Crocheted Yoke.

Nightgown With Art Deco Yoke Motif.

Rose & Butterfly Camisoles.

Child’s Petticoat.

Child’s Knitted Dress.

Flapper Era Filet Crochet Sweater.

Crocheted Slip-over Sweater.

Knot Stitch Sweater.

Yoke, Collar, Cuffs.

Ad For Royal Society Crochet Books.

Advertisement For Embroidery Floss.

Ad For Embroidery Supplies.

Matching Sweater & Hat.

In this book are patterns for both linens and garments. The projects in this book are heirloom-quality and spectacular, especially the linens! If you are into art deco interiors, these will definitely interest you. My favorite is the Scarab design in filet crochet, which can be used in both the matching pillow and scarf/runner patterns. Another amazing set is the Rose Motif filet scarf & centerpiece. WOW! Additionally there are corners, edgings, a lunch set, a butterfly centerpiece & matching scarf, an arabian pillow & matching scarf, a tea cloth with napkins, and a daisy centerpiece with matching filet scarf.Garments & accessories include:

  • filet crocheted sweater;
  • butterfly camisole;
  • rose camisole;
  • ladies’ collar and cuffs;
  • filet collar;
  • tuxedo crocheted sweater;
  • matching hat;
  • ladies’ blouse;
  • child’s petticoat;
  • child’s knitted dress;
  • 2 nightgowns;
  • ladies’ knitted sweater;
  • crocheted slip-over sweater;
  • knot stitch sweater.

The last 2 pages of the book, plus the inside back cover & back cover, are ads for various Royal Society products that were available- lots of other needlework pattern books with descriptions (this will give you a handy list of other items to search ebay for!); plus ads for Royal Society embroidery floss, Royal Society Embroidery Package Outfits, and Royal Society cordichet crochet cotton yarn.

Where To Buy The Royal Society Crochet Book No. 17:

This book is not easy to find. If you want to buy it and you are lucky enough to come across a copy, better grab it when you get the chance. I don’t see them come up for sale too often. I haven’t yet seen a reproduction seller offering this title either. I imagine that is due to the large size of the pages; it isn’t a practical size to try to reproduce.

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