Richardson’s Edgings and Insertions Book No. 3

Antique Richardson’s Silk Crochet Pattern Book

Here we have a delightful Richardson’s Silk company book of crochet patterns called “Richardson’s Edgings and Insertions”. It is book no 3. dated 1916. Original price was 10 cents. The book is 16 pages long, not counting the mercerized cotton ad in back or the back cover (which shows a variety of Richardson’s craft books- they all look intriguing!) and also not counting the front cover or the examples of crochet stitches in the front.

According to page one, the book is “for the beginner and also the experienced crocheter”. Well ladies and gentlemen, please take that with the proverbial “grain of salt”. In my opinion a beginner will not know what to make of this book. This one is for intermediate to advanced crocheters, or for inspiration. I say this because there are only 2 pages of written instructions, and there are not explicit instructions for all the patterns in the book. This might not be a problem for more advanced crocheters, because the photos are quite large and relatively easy to follow; if you’ve been crocheting awhile you will be able to look at the photos and say to yourself (for example) “OK, foundation chain first, then double crochet, chain 2, double crochet, repeat…” while a novice will not necessarily be able to work like this.

If you are able to work visually from photos, you will really enjoy this book! The edgings are very pretty. Some are actually pretty simple; there are some very nice filet crochet edgings and some gorgeous scalloped edgings. There is a lovely rose corner for a tea napkin that will work up relatively quickly. Those would make great holiday gifts.

You’ll be able to use these edgings on a variety of projects…attach them to pillow cases, towels, hankies, runners, placemats, lingerie…etc…etc…they make the perfect “finishing touch”!

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