Priscilla Irish Crochet Book No. 2

This book is called “Priscilla Irish Crochet Book No. 2”. It is an antique publication, copyrighted in 1912. This book is 48 pages long not counting the back cover, which is an ad for Priscilla’s other needlework books on one side, and an ad for Glossilla~ brighter than silk~ embroidery floss on the other side.

This book has the most incredible patterns! The Irish crochet handbags/purses/bags are unbelievable! The Priscilla needlecraft books are all outstanding, and this one is no exception.

Some of the projects included in this volume are as follows:

  • Bag in Irish crochet~ rose and fern design
  • numerous edgings & insertions
  • numerous flower medallions & motifs~ narcissus, chrysanthemum, wild rose, fuschia, spray of daisies, and others.
  • 5 different butterfly motifs plus ways to use them ~mounted on a hatpin, as part of a jabot…come to think of it these ideas are a bit dated, but the motifs are not dated~ they are gorgeous! I am sure that your creativity will kick in here and you will find some unique and imaginitive uses for these little beauties!
  • Baby’s cap
  • Collar in wheels, roses and leaves
  • Coin purse
  • Rose, thistle, and shamrock doily
  • Butterfly and rose bag~very elaborate~ this one is a showstopper! This is also a perfect example of the aforementioned butterfly motif~ this purse makes imaginative use of the motif, and the design is extremely relevant to current fashion~ the bag is absolutely exquisite! If you make one of these for yourself, it will be the envy of everyone you know.
  • Acorn jabot~ this design is simply darling!
  • Doily~ another ornate design~ this one will challenge you but I think you will be happy with the end result!
  • Dutch collar
  • Baby’s ankle tie booties/shoes
  • Coat collar in grape design
  • Crocheted buttons~ these are absolutely fabulous!
  • Sailor collar
  • Various pendants, neck chains, neck ornaments
  • Opera Bag~ this one is another showstopper. It is dramatic, feminine, stylish, and artistic. If you are the kind of needlecrafter who wants to invest your time and energy in projects that are the very best of the best, I recommend this bag pattern to you.
  • Set of crocheted pins
  • Cuff to match collar
  • Belt pins
  • Flower jabot
  • Table mat
  • More!

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