Priscilla Baby Book No 1: Knitting and Crochet in Silk and Wool

Patterns for baby blankets, layettes, booties, bonnets, bibs and more.

Here we have a beautiful antiquarian book of knitting and crochet patterns for babies. There are outstanding patterns for baby afghans, layettes, booties, sweaters, wrappers, bonnets, bibs, bottle covers, cap, jackets, and more.The name of the book is “Priscilla Baby Book No. 1, Knitting and Crochet in Silk and Wool”, It was published by the Priscilla Publishing Co, Boston, Mass, in 1915. The author was Elsa Barsaloux. The original price was 35 cents. The book has 32 pages not counting the covers. Inside the covers are ads. The inside front cover is an ad for Priscilla embroidery monogram transfers. The inside back cover is an ad for other Priscilla needlecraft books (so you’ll have a fantastic list of other books to search ebay for!) and the back cover is an ad for Modern Priscilla magazine.

There are lots of adorable, sweet, and dainty patterns in this book. These are timeless (and timely!) patterns and they would be gorgeous on a little one of today; they would be wonderful gifts for a modern-day needlecrafter to lavish on her children or grandchildren. These would also be wonderful for doll crafters! Wouldn’t it be fun to dress a Berenguer baby doll in one of these lovely ensembles?

In my opinion these patterns are all very special and give us a glimpse into the history of needlwork.

There are 2 pages that are illustrated in color. The color pages show 2 different layette sets with multiple pieces. The first layette is shown in pink and white; it features motifs of sweet cherries. There is a blanket; long garment/robe; short garment/sweater; bonnet; socks; and booties. The second color page features a blue layette with a tiny floral garland motif. The pieces include blanket, long garment/robe, short garment/sweater, bonnet, booties, and bottle cover.

There are so many pretty baby afghans in this book! Some of them feature embroidery and cross stitch embellishments to make them extra-special.

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